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Mark Adams
Mark AdamsPolitical Fiction
Focused on the problems facing the U.S. today; if you understand his main character, you will understand him.
A.F. Agui
A.F. AguiPoetry
Creating art through poetry and writing words to reach souls.
Dr. Rita Ali
Dr. Rita AliBiographical Nonfiction, Memoir
Multitalented business professional and now the author of the memoir “Triple Jeopardy: Three Strikes But Not Out.”
Michelle Alstead
Michelle AlsteadRomance/Women's Fiction
In “The Last Chapter,” a single mother of a son with a genius-level IQ and autism has given up on love to focus on the child who needs her.
Diana Altman
Diana AltmanFiction
In the 1950s at the peak of Hollywood glamour, an abandoned daughter searches for clues to the dark mystery surrounding her missing mother.
Michael Anderle
Michael AnderleScience Fiction and Fantasy
Prolific SF/F author and publisher supporting indie writers.
Steve Anderson
Steve AndersonNonfiction
A trusted authority on Risk, Technology, Productivity and Innovation with over thirty-five years of experience in the insurance industry.
Peter Aronson
Peter Aronson Middle-Grade, Fiction & Non-Fiction
Introducing the youth market to fascinating stories and personalities who made a difference.
Bevan Atkinson
Bevan AtkinsonMystery
Author of The Tarot Mysteries series


Jesse Banner
Jesse BannerYA, Contemporary, Magical Realism, Speculative Fiction, Mystery, Dystopia
Debut author of the YA Novel To Hover Over Waters, full of magical realism and mystery.
Ronald S. Barak
Ronald S. BarakThriller
Blurring reality and fiction.
Casey Barrett
Casey BarrettCrime Fiction
Olympic-swimmer-turned-thriller-author via PI Duck Darley scraping by and chasing down cheating spouses for Manhattan’s elite.
Ron Barrett
Ron BarrettIllustrator
Ron Barrett is best known for illustrating the children’s book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which was written by his wife, Judi Barrett.
Charletta Barksdale
Charletta BarksdaleFiction Fantasy
Young nurse and man in a coma meet in their dreams and learn there’s more to life than they ever imagined.
Erik Bean
Erik BeanNonfiction, Self-Help, Communication Skills, Children & Adults
Writer and mental health advocate passionate about helping others
K.W. Beasley
K.W. BeasleyHorror, Adventure, Satire
Educator turned horror author with a love for everything apocalypse: zombies, viruses, microchips, survival, etc.
R.G. Belsky
R.G. BelskyMystery
Author of the Clare Carlson and Gil Malloy crime fiction series and New York City journalist
Lori Hart Beninger
Lori Hart BeningerHistorical Fiction
Author of a critically acclaimed historical fiction series
Katie Beringer
Katie BeringerNonfiction, Female Empowerment
Debut author aiming to inspire women through her crazy adventures in the online dating arena.
Dr. Ghoulem Berrah
Dr. Ghoulem BerrahMemoir
Incredible journey of a freedom fighter and a life dedicated to the pursuit of world peace.
Steve Berry
Steve BerryThriller
New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author, more than 22 million copies sold in 51 countries.
Sherrie Todd-Beshore
Sherrie Todd-BeshoreThriller
2019 Distinguished Favorites Award plot follows a rookie detective investigating linked cases with tempting conflicts.
Fae Bidgoli
Fae BidgoliRomance and General Fiction
Writer and activist speaking out to create awareness about the suffering caused by forced child marriages.
Nancy Bilyeau
Nancy BilyeauHistorical Fiction, Thriller
Passion for history transports us back to dangerous worlds, with vivid characters and gripping plots.
Lindsay Blake
Lindsay Blake Upmarket Fiction
Hilarious and heartbreaking novel explores forgiveness, love, loss, and the beauty of the people who share the same DNA.
Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg
Jeanne McWilliams BlasbergLiterary/Women's Fiction
Jeanne Blasberg is the author of Eden, the winner of the Beverly Hills Book Awards for Women’s Fiction, and finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best New Voice in Fiction, and Sarton Women’s Book Award for Historical Fiction.
Wiley Blevins
Wiley BlevinsChildren's Books
Specializes in stories that are relatable and funny for young readers.
Ashley Blooms
Ashley BloomsFiction
Queer Kentuckian and debut author of Every Bone a Prayer
Mike Bond
Mike BondFiction
Bestselling novelist MIKE BOND has worked in many dangerous and war-torn regions of the world. His most recent book is “Goodbye Paris.”
Bette Bono
Bette BonoMystery and adventure
Author of The Better Angels, a time travel adventure with a female senior citizen protagonist.
Paige Bowers
Paige BowersNarrative Nonfiction
Nationally published news and features writer
A.F. Brady
A.F. BradyPsychological Thriller
Mental health counselor and psychotherapist applies her professional experience to create authentic characters and settings.
Alan Brenham
Alan BrenhamMystery
Former U.S. marshall and police detective pens gripping psychological, edge-of-your-seat thriller.
Scott Brody
Scott BrodyPolitical Thriller
Author of the new thriller, The Org
Paul Budden
Paul BuddenHistorical “Fact-ion”
A student of history who never stops learning.
 Robert Burnham
Robert BurnhamHistorical Fiction
Author and forensic engineer


John Cammidge
John CammidgeLiterary Fiction, Biography
Author and lifelong birder
Andrea Carter
Andrea CarterCrime/Mystery
Lawyer turned crime writer
Christy Chafe
Christy ChafeWomen's Fiction
A text from a dead husband sparks one woman’s journey of self-discovery.
Yeo Chuen Chuen
Yeo Chuen ChuenNonfiction, Business, Leadership
A multi-award-winning executive coach who raises the quality of leadership in every organization by developing agility.
Joseph Cicio
Joseph CicioMemoir
High-profile retail exec rubbed elbows with leading celebrities, gaining fascinating insight into their private lives.
Julie Clark
Julie ClarkThriller
Thriller writer and lifelong Californian
Frank L. Cole
Frank L. ColeMiddle Grade
Author of Middle Grade and Young Adult Novels
Charita Cole Brown
Charita Cole BrownMemoir
Powerful account of “defying the verdict” and living a fulfilling life with severe bipolar disorder.
Founding treatise of new belief orientations, schools of thought, neologisms, disciplines of study and theories concerning Astronism.
Kenneth F. Conklin
Kenneth F. ConklinHistorical Fiction
Author based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
Maren Cooper
Maren CooperWomen’s Fiction
Debut novel details one woman’s journey through divorce and professional challenge, fitting for those entering new chapters in their lives.
Ron Coury
Ron CouryMemoir
Las Vegas entrepreneur climbed the ladder toward success, facing a barrage of constraints including political and police corruption, bribery, coercion and even death threats.
Matt Coyle
Matt CoyleThriller/Crime
Matt Coyle is the author of the Rick Cahill crime series. He also hosts the Crime Corner podcast out of San Diego.
Michelle Cox
Michelle CoxRomantic Suspense
Award-winning Henrietta and Inspector Howard series, suspects she once lived in the 1930s.
Sergeant Major Keith L Craig (R)
Sergeant Major Keith L Craig (R)Leadership Memoir
Author, entrepreneur, award-winning Hollywood executive and military Veteran with over three decades of service imparts lessons in leadership.
Deborah Curtin
Deborah CurtinHistorical Fiction
With inspiration from a young military family friend, Deborah wrote, finished and self-published a current day military thriller which went on to win Honorable Mention at the New England Book Festival.


Maryl Damian
Maryl DamianRomance
National prizewinning romance writer creates love stories that transcend cultural differences.
Peter Damm
Peter DammNonfiction/Memoir
“I’ve been in writing most of my life … Language has always touched me in some way.”
Larry Daniel
Larry DanielBiography/Memoir
Former henchman, builder, fireman, paramedic, educator, cardiovascular technologist, and small business owner.
Leah Decesare
Leah DecesareWomen’s Fiction / Rom-Com
A coming-of-age struggle to know and value your true self – and find that right steak knife of a man.
Justin C. Denton
Justin C. DentonNonfiction, Current Events, Biological Weapons, Military History
Investigative journalist, military historian, CBCP and CISSP
John DeSimone
John DeSimoneHistorical Fiction
Memoirist, editor and author of The Road to Delano, a historical novel set during the Delano grape strike in the late 1960s.
Jeffrey L. Diamond
Jeffrey L. DiamondMystery, Thriller
Journalist, television producer and Emmy Award-winner whose novels are where murder mystery and media meet.
Bernard L. Dillard
Bernard L. DillardFiction
A soap-operatic dramedy that presents two distinct and separate worlds that thrive together, both influencing the other in their own unique way.
Kevin Doherty
Kevin DohertyMystery/Thriller
Hard at work on the next book. Staring into space on the one after that.
Andra Douglas
Andra DouglasFiction/Sports
A national champion athlete in rugby and women’s tackle football and former owner of the New York Sharks Women’s Pro Football team. “Black & Blue” chronicles her journey.
Rita Dragonette
Rita DragonetteHistorical Fiction
Rita Dragonette is a writer who, after spending nearly thirty years telling the stories of others as an award-winning public relations executive, has returned to her original creative path.
Douglas A. Drossman, MD and Johannah Ruddy, MEd
Douglas A. Drossman, MD and Johannah Ruddy, MEdHealth and Wellness, Gastrointestinal Symptoms & Disorders, Communication & the Patient/Doctor Relationship
Douglas A. Drossman MD and Johannah Ruddy, M.Ed are the medical duo behind the book Gut Feelings: Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction and the Patient-Doctor Relationship
Thomas Duffy
Thomas DuffyGeneral Fiction
New York-based author fascinated by life’s day-to-day challenges.
Angela K. Durden
Angela K. DurdenFiction, Memoir, Business, Children’s, Humor, Commentary
Atlanta-based author and songwriter


 Tim Darcy Ellis
Tim Darcy EllisHistorical Fiction
An author whose work brings together his love of history, archaeology and philosophy.
Jonathan Michael Erickson
Jonathan Michael Erickson Sci-Fi and Nonfiction
Whimsical creatures and tech-filled worlds as enchanting as the mysterious relics they harbor.
Otho Eskin
Otho EskinThriller
Lawyer and former diplomat launches new crime thriller series featuring homicide detective Marko Zorn
Kelli Estes
Kelli EstesHistorical Fiction
In ‘Today We Go Home,’ a women in the U.S. Army finds a journal from a woman who cross-dresses to fight in the Civil War.
Tammy Euliano
Tammy EulianoThrillers
Dog lover, anesthesiologist and author of medical thrillers


Tom Farrell
Tom FarrellMystery-Thriller
Thriller novelist of the sports-betting-themed book duo WagerEasy and Wager Tough
Luke E. Fellows
Luke E. FellowsSatire
Author of Snatch 2&20, a snarky send-up of Wall Street and Silicon Valley culture
John Peter Fer
John Peter FerLiterary Fiction
Well-traveled Foreign Service Officer and author
Cassandra Finnerty
Cassandra FinnertyFantasy
Blending themes of Celtic folklore, one female’s journey to to prove she is worthy of the power she inherits.
Stevie Z Fischer
Stevie Z FischerThriller and Contemporary Fiction
A small-town suspense novel with a deep heart and powerful conscience.
Freddie Floyd Jr.
Freddie Floyd Jr.Nonfiction
First-time author of the nonfiction, self-improvement book You Are Designed to Be Successful who hopes to deepen his readers’ relationship with God and one day have many more books to his name!
Ryan Foland
Ryan FolandBusiness, nonfiction
Global keynote speaker, consultant and author on the topic of personal branding and authenticity.
Peter Fortunato
Peter FortunatoFiction, Poetry
Poet, painter, performer, professor, Peter lives a life of spirituality documented in his works of fiction.
Steven M. Forman
Steven M. FormanHistorical Fiction
From seafood marketing guru to published author, his latest in the historical fiction genre.
Chris Formant
Chris Formant Historical Fiction
Global exec at multibillion-dollar firm dissects the heroic Battle of Brooklyn from the Revolutionary War.
Herb Freed
Herb FreedFiction
Ordained rabbi, film director and producer takes us from humor to pathos in an uplifting examination of what it means to be human.
Kris Frieswick
Kris FrieswickThriller
Award-winning journalist, essayist, editor and humorist offers electrifying suspense, perilous adventure and ideal romance in latest novel.
Ed Fuller
Ed FullerThriller
Thriller from this former Marriott chief will forever change the way you look at hotels and use the phrase, “road warrior.”
Claire Fullerton
Claire FullertonFiction
Award-winning author of four novels, including her latest, Little Tea
BK Fulton
BK FultonChildren's
BK is Chairman of Soulidifly Productions, Ario (Emeritus), Encrypted Sensors/GRID and SoulVision.TV


Liana Gardner
Liana GardnerYoung Adult
Daughter of a rocket scientist and an artist, combines the traits of both into a quirky yet pragmatic writer, always sees the story lurking beneath the surface.
Leah Garriott
Leah GarriottHistorical Romance
Debut author of Promised, a Regency-era proper romance.
Amber Garza
Amber GarzaPsychological Thriller
Her latest novel, When I Was You, is an up-all-night story of suspicion, obsession and motherhood
Sharon Geltner
Sharon GeltnerFiction (Cozy Mystery, Women Sleuths, Humor, Satire)
Journalist, publicist and author writes witty send-up of Palm Beach social elites
O. Michele “MissOMG” Giacomini
O. Michele “MissOMG” GiacominiHumor, ChickLit
Humorist and consultant on marketing, writing, careers and education
Joseph H. Gibson
Joseph H. GibsonTechno-Political Thriller
Knowledge Management Lead for a global high-tech corporation who cares deeply about the future of our country.
Ellen Gibson-Adler
Ellen Gibson-AdlerFiction
Following the Lyons family as they navigate addiction, mental illness and military life post-WWII.
Steve Goble
Steve GobleHard-Boiled Mystery
A journalist, now working with digital investigations and cyber security firm in Cleveland. He writes a series of modern-day detective novels and a series of historical mysteries featuring pirates in the 1720s. He is a board member for Mystery Writers of America’s Midwest Chapter.
Anna Gomez
Anna GomezWomen’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Literature
Author of six novels under the pen name of Christine Brae, and a new novel soon to be released under her given name.
Phillip Goodrich
Phillip GoodrichNarrative History
Surgeon, author and American History buff.
Anne Goodwin
Anne GoodwinMemoir
Experiences, reflections, peace and tranquility from life on her family’s 1920s lake cottage.
Davin Goodwin
Davin GoodwinMystery
Mystery writer and author of the Roscoe Conklin series.
Karen S. Gordon
Karen S. GordonThriller/Mystery
Karen S. Gordon was born in Burbank, California — to a psychiatrist and a runway model —the fourth of five children, and the only girl.
Michael E. Gosset, Ed.D.
Michael E. Gosset, Ed.D.Education/Fitness
Educator and author of the nonfiction book The Ultimate Parent Guide to Child & Adolescent Physical Activity: Maintaining Their Emotional and Physical Health
Dan Grant
Dan GrantThriller
FBI agent must solve a criminal’s cryptic puzzle with lives on the line.
Spiros Gratsias
Spiros GratsiasChildren’s Books
Engineer, designer, artist, illustrator and writer whose latest, A&B, is a children’s book about a friendship between a statue and a beetle.
Dewana Green
Dewana GreenMemoir
Incredible journey of a freedom fighter and a life dedicated to the pursuit of world peace.
J. Alexander Greenwood
J. Alexander GreenwoodMystery
Series features college-instructor-turned-investigator with offbeat characters, exotic settings, action and humor
Diana Grillo
Diana GrilloFiction
Stories that depict simple, circumscribed lives which belie the complicated pain and anger that fester underneath.
Gary Grossman
Gary GrossmanThriller
Ripped from the headlines, Emmy-winning producer gives insider’s look at the intersects of terrorism, CIA, and world politics.


Edward Hallowell
Edward HallowellMemoir
Advice from leading ADHD psychiatrist on coping in our crazy-busy world and surviving his own crazy family.
James R. Hannibal
James R. HannibalThriller
No stranger to adventure, has been shot at, locked up with surface to air missiles, and chased down a winding German road by an armed terrorist.
Bradley Harper
Bradley HarperMemoir
Advice from leading ADHD psychiatrist on coping in our crazy-busy world and surviving his own crazy family.
Kathleen Harryman
Kathleen HarrymanFiction
An award-winning author of suspense, psychological thrillers, poetry and historical romance.
S.J. Hartland
S.J. HartlandFantasy
Dark plots, dark magic and darker secrets for lovers of Game of Thrones.
Stephanie Jo Harris
Stephanie Jo HarrisThriller
A special affection for all things disturbing and uncomfortable.
Jamil Hasan
Jamil HasanNonfiction/Memoir
Data organization builder and former corporate technology, operations and finance manager at AIG.
David Hasley
David HasleyBusiness/Self-Help
Entrepreneur on how to avoid common pitfalls in starting and maintaining your own business.
Deborah Hawkins
Deborah HawkinsSelf-Improvement
Self-improvement books geared to help readers find inner peace and harmony in mind, body and spirit, cultivating a personally uplifting and empowering gratitude practice.
Humphrey Hawksley
Humphrey HawksleyEspionage Thrillers
Author of international thrillers, novels of future history and geopolitical non-fiction launches the second book in his Rake Ozenna espionage series.
William M. Hayes
William M. HayesMilitary Science Fiction Thriller
Author of Save Him, a novel about a time-traveling scientist on a mission to save Christ from the cross — and the elite military unit sent to stop him.
Sondra Helene
Sondra HeleneFiction
Serves as a poignant reminder that no amount of privilege can protect us from family conflicts, marital difficulty, or mortality.
Crystal Hemmingway
Crystal HemmingwayFiction
Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Maria Semple, a smart romantic comedy about mothers and daughters, told in an addicting, fast-paced style.
Judson & Patricia Henderson
Judson & Patricia HendersonNon-Fiction, Medical
Board Certified Family Practitioners shedding light on U.S. healthcare system issues and offering knowledgeable solutions
Adriana Herrera
Adriana HerreraContemporary Romance
Adriana Herrera is “a fresh and vital new voice in romance” who is a co-creator of the Queer Romance PoC Collective.
Jack Hersch
Jack HerschMemoir
Remarkable, harrowing story of how his father twice escaped the Nazi holocaust.
Matthew Hickson
Matthew HicksonComing-of-Age Fiction
Music teacher and author of Walking Among Birds
Kathleen Hill
Kathleen HillMemoir/Fiction
A memoir in the company of various novels; captures precisely, beautifully the tremor of a great book crossing our lives at just the right moment.
Michael J. Hoggatt
Michael J. HoggattChristian Living/Inspirational
A Christian Writer Focusing His Talents on Helping Those With Disabilities
Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey
Michael Houlihan & Bonnie HarveyBusiness Audio Theatre – Full Cast Performance
Founders of Barefoot Wine provide a new approach to audiobooks where actors play the parts in the entertaining story of their humble beginnings — complete with sound effects, music and interviews.
Katherine Nouri Hughes
Katherine Nouri HughesHistorical/Fiction
A rich historical novel in which her voice has a way making titanic events seem human and natural.
M. L. Huie
M. L. HuieHistorical Fiction/Thriller/Mystery
Post WWII London and Paris serve as a backdrop for a gutsy, damaged heroine who matches wits with a dangerous new enemy. 
W. J. Humphrey
W. J. Humphrey Western/Young Adult
W. J. HUMPHREY didn’t begin to write until after retirement. Now he writes exciting Westerns for middle grade readers.
Spencer Hyde
Spencer HydeYA
Author and Professor


Alice Inoue
Alice InoueSelf Help
A new system from an ancient framework for personal guidance on how to deal with life like a superhero.
Darel Ison
Darel IsonSelf Help/Dating
Author and Transformational Coach


Jessica L. Jackson
Jessica L. JacksonParanormal Romance
Something peculiar about the women in The Family, as they struggle to resolve the shadowy forces at work in their lives.
Layne James
Layne James Upmarket Fiction
Where “Parenthood” meets “This is Us” with a side of “Arrested Development” dysfunction.
Charles Johnston
Charles JohnstonNonfiction
Charles M. Johnston, MD is a psychiatrist, futurist, and director of the Institute for Creative Development, a Seattle-based think tank and center for advanced leadership training.
Carolyn CJ Jones
Carolyn CJ JonesSelf-Help/Relationships
Carolyn CJ Jones’ passion is showing you how to find peace and freedom from resentment through her guided study of forgiveness.
Reynaldo Encina Jopé
Reynaldo Encina JopéChildren’s Books
Teacher and author of the Feyesper children’s book series for growing readers (ages 5-12)
Alka Joshi
Alka JoshiHistorical Fiction
Re-imagining her mother’s life in India as a henna artist that fights for autonomy amid controlling family members.


Ken Kamen
Ken KamenNonfiction
Nationally recognized financial expert and advisor
Amy Karl
Amy KarlMemoir
Imperfect yogi, tired mom, working writer, light sleeper, big water drinker and author of a Hollywood memoir
Claudia Keenan
Claudia KeenanAmerican History/Memoir
Scholar of obscure American history and education
Mary Keliikoa
Mary KeliikoaMystery
Author of the PI Kelly Pruett mystery series
Durden Kell
Durden KellFiction
Atlanta-based author and songwriter
S.E. Keller
S.E. KellerFiction
Author of the exciting new YA novel “Rain”
Linda Kennedy
Linda KennedyScience Fiction
Author of thrilling new sci-fi series
Leonard Kim
Leonard KimBusiness, self-help
Leonard Kim is the coauthor of Ditch the Act, in which he teaches readers how to own and expose who they truly are, form meaningful relationships that move the needle and ultimately, uncover the greatness that already exists from within, to stack success.
R.J. King
R.J. KingGeneral Fiction
Author of a debut thriller about a detective and a prolific serial killer, going back into the past of both men and showing the journey they took to eventually end up on an inevitable collision course.
Suzanne Kamata
Suzanne KamataChildren's/Young Adult
Suzanne Komata currently teaches at a university in Japan while writing books for children and young adults.
Lukas Konandreas
Lukas KonandreasTrue Crime
One woman’s love and societal prejudice against divorced women makes her stay with a lethal husband.
Anna Knight
Anna KnightAdult Nonfiction
Author of “They Get Your Highs (I Get Your Lows),” an insider’s perspective on addiction from behind closed doors.
Margo T Krasne
Margo T KrasneMemoir
Margo has acted, created a radio department, sculpted and coached others on how to communicate effectively. Her memoir, “I Was There All Along” chronicles her amazing life.
Jim & Stephanie Kroepfl
Jim & Stephanie KroepflY.A. Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction
Two teens are chosen as Nobels, hosts for the implantation of brilliant Mentor minds in an effort to accelerate human progress. But then they begin to question the whole system.
MerriLee Kyllo
MerriLee KylloFiction
Registered nurse and author of Justice for Baby B


Angela Lam
Angela LamContemporary Sweetheart Romance
Angela Lam is the author of five novels, a short story collection and a memoir.
Gina LaManna
Gina LaMannaSuspense
Four different women confess to murdering one man–alone. Who is responsible? And why are the innocent lying?
Jon Land
Jon LandThriller
Investigating cases both cozy and thrilling in the famous Murder, She Wrote series.
Ken Langer
Ken LangerFiction, Thriller/Political
Channeling a lifetime of Sanskrit and Indian studies, international development and green building into writing.
Charles Langley
Charles LangleyNonfiction
From Englishman to apprentice for Navajo Indian medicine man, experiencing witchcraft, divination, healing, and visions induced by the peyote cactus.
Rob Leininger
Rob LeiningerP.I. Mystery/Thriller
Author of the Gumshoe series serves hardboiled mysteries with a side of wit
Nicklois Leonard
Nicklois LeonardAction and Adventure
Action-Adventure author of the globetrotting new novel, The Quantum Effect: Mission-Covid-19
David Levin
David LevinScience Fiction
A Houston-based lawyer who writes on overcoming personal struggles and creating hope in bad situations.
Ann Lineberger
Ann LinebergerUpmarket Fiction And Mystery
Takes on murder, swingers and wacky cults obscured within toney suburbs and perfectly manicured exteriors.
Brian Littlefair
Brian LittlefairFiction
Author of Desert Burial, a geopolitical thriller drawn from real-world experience as a foreign direct investment consultant around the globe.
Brit Lunden
Brit Lunden Paranormal Thriller
Car accidents, murder, break-ins, werewolves and a few other oddities.
C.B. Lyall
C.B. LyallYoung Adult Fantasy
Author of The Virus of Beauty series, featuring a teen who must juggle the trials of normal life with fighting evil as a wizard.
D.P. Lyle
D.P. Lyle Thriller
An award-winning and bestselling thriller writer. His many series include the Cain/Harper series, the Jake Longly series and the Dub Walker series. He has also written forensics guides for students and media tie-in novels for the popular television show “Royal Pains.”


Amy Larson Marble
Amy Larson MarbleYA Fiction
Out now: a debut novel and the first book in the Sarah Sagas, Life on Repeat.
Helaine Mario
Helaine MarioMystery and Suspense
Mystery and Suspense novelist from Arlington, VA with four works to her name.
D.W. Maroney
D.W. MaroneyThriller
Drone Theory Taskforce investigates whether U.S. top secret technology is being used to hijack airliners in flight.
J. J. Martin
J. J. MartinFiction
A shocking tale of secrets, guilt and clerical child abuse
Ursula Masdal
Ursula MasdalChildren's Fiction
“The Dale Family Adventures” chronicles six children’s travels to fantasy worlds and realms, solving mysteries as they go.
Layla Matthews
Layla MatthewsMedical Thriller, Suspense
Family Nurse Practitioner and author of a terrifying medical thriller, The Body Auction
Simon Mayo
Simon MayoHistorical Fiction
Love, gambling, smallpox and a remarkable production of Romeo and Juliet in one of the world’s most notorious prisons.
Ben McCarty
Ben McCartyNonfiction
Cyberwarfare expert combines ancient ninja battle tactics with current technological trends to help make systems more secure.
Robert McCaw
Robert McCawMystery/Thriller
Author, lawyer, soldier and student of Hawaiian history, archaeology, myth, culture and mystery.
Jeff and Beth McCord
Jeff and Beth McCordSpirituality
After growing through 24 years of marital ups and downs, there’s nothing this duo loves more than coming alongside couples – armed with the tools of the Enneagram and the truth of the Gospel – to offer a better way to live and grow, together.
Dennis McCort
Dennis McCortThriller
Books reflect a lifelong addiction to psychological thrillers and suspense movies.
Susan McGrath
Susan McGrathFantasy
In a mystical land a chieftain’s daughter must help unite warring clans against a greater force to save the island they all call home.
Hannah Mary McKinnon
Hannah Mary McKinnonDomestic Suspense
Filled with tension and suspense, an honest look at a family on the edge of disaster and a father’s loosening grip on the boy who changed his life.
Barbara McLennan
Barbara McLennanHistorical Fiction
A history buff and economist who writes about America’s past in an engaging way.
Steve Melen
Steve MelenNonfiction, Memoir
Author, financial advisor, racehorse owner
Sandra Mendelson
Sandra MendelsonSpirituality
Receives and shares soul messages from the animals you love, to help us survive and thrive as humans.
Christine Davis Merriman
Christine Davis MerrimanHistorical Fiction
In 2017, she retired, put down her technical writer’s pen, and completed her debut novel, At the Far End of Nowhere
Chuck Miceli
Chuck MiceliLiterary and Christian Fiction
I write in multiple genres. Fire Behind Bars was a textbook, Amanda’s Room is a paranormal thriller, “Miner’s Lament” is an award-winning poem and my current book, Wounded Angels, is a literary novel.
Jeffrey Michelson
Jeffrey MichelsonErotic Memoir
Norman Mailer describes his work as “perversely uplifting.”
Andrew Milburn
Andrew MilburnMilitary Memoir
His exceptional skill is telling each story of battle and then knitting them into a coherent whole.
G. Wayne Miller
G. Wayne MillerNon-fiction: Business, biography, medicine, history, automobiles, psychology Fiction: Mystery, horror, science fiction
Kid Number One, Miller’s latest book, follows the bestselling Toy Wars by taking us on a tour de force deep inside Hasbro and the world of toys, entertainment, Hollywood and philanthropy.
Jodé Millman
Jodé MillmanThriller
Jodé is a talented thriller writer whose book The Midnight Call was short-listed for the 2014 Clue Award and received the First Place Blue Ribbon as “Best Police Procedural” by Chantireviews.com.
George Robert Minkoff
George Robert MinkoffHistorical Fiction/Action Adventure
George Robert Minkoff is a rare book dealer who wrote the In the Land of the Whispers trilogy about the English in the New World. He has also made out-of-this-world podcasts as well as a children’s series called Tickle Plenty.
Max Mobley
Max MobleyThriller
Casts a strange and sensitive eye toward love in the digital age, domestic violence and the dual price of loneliness and revenge.
Dena Moes
Dena MoesTravel/Parenting/Spiritual Memoir
Will open your heart, crack you up, and maybe even change all the ways you engage in parenting, adventure, and a spiritual path.
Paul Molenberg
Paul MolenbergNonfiction
Author of the Complete Guide to Mountain Biking
Alexandre Montagu
Alexandre MontaguFiction
A daring escape from Iran to Princeton to the Caspian Sea to New York in psychological drama through the lens of alternate realities.
Bonnie C. Monte
Bonnie C. MonteMystery
Exciting ride from San Francisco Bay to French countryside and back, intriguing plot with great dialogue and surprising twist.
Jean P. Moore
Jean P. MooreLiterary Fiction
Writes of love, loss and renewal, and the push and pull between generations.
Chad Morris and Shelly Brown
Chad Morris and Shelly BrownMiddle Grade Contemporary, Middle Grade Sci-Fi Fantasy and Middle Grade Horror
A husband/wife author duo from Utah, writing middle grade books that keep their inner children happy.
Mike Murphy
Mike MurphyInspiration
Self-made businessman turned author helps people break out of their suffering or limited belief system.
Drew Murray
Drew MurrayThriller/Tech Thriller
Fan of tech, Sci-fi and quirky things.
David Myers
David MyersEducation, Personal Growth, Professional Development, Psychology
Learn to acquire and master the key skill of all skills, retain and use information better, and be more productive with The Key Skill of All Skills: Learn How to Learn.


Carla Neggers
Carla NeggersRomantic Suspense and Women's Fiction
New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers has creates heart-pounding novels of international intrigue.
Sue Nelson
Sue NelsonBiography
Multi-award-winning British science journalist specializing in space; former science correspondent, has floated like an astronaut onboard a Zero G flight.


Michael Okon
Michael Okon Horror/ Sci-Fi/Thriller
Award-winning author and screenwriter spans multiple genres with paranormal, suspense and gore.
Mya O'Malley
Mya O'MalleyRomance
International Amazon Bestselling author of contemporary romance and YA.


Victor M. Pace
Victor M. PaceNonfiction
Family medicine physician looking to impart a lifetime of knowledge and experiences.
Glenn Aparicio Parry
Glenn Aparicio ParryNonfiction
Author, psychologist, entrepreneur, educational reformer, former president of SEED Graduate Institute, current president of Circle for Original Thinking.
Jim Parry
Jim ParryTop Ten Lists: Real Facts, Dark Humor
Writer, blogger and apocalyptic comedian letting us know what the end of the world has in store for us.
Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner
Dr. Ambroes Pass-TurnerAdult and Children’s Mental Health
Psychotherapist, author, professor, and owner of APT Counseling Services LLC.
Mona Patel
Mona Patel Children’s, Business, Self-Help
A true “momtrepreneur” engages with corporate leaders, runs design agency, and relates to a younger generation.
Kimberley Paterson
Kimberley PatersonChildren's Illustrated Books
Award-winning author of Frankie the Ferret
Laura Pavlov
Laura PavlovRomance
First loves reunite after nine years to find lingering feelings they thought long gone.
Thomas Pecora
Thomas PecoraNon-Fiction
A CIA security officer looks back on a twenty-four-year career protecting America’s intelligence personnel and senior USG Officials against a backdrop of terrorist threat.
Alisha Perkins
Alisha PerkinsSuspense/Thriller/Women's Fiction
A Ted x speaker and mental health advocate who writes thrillers.
Raymond C. Perkins Jr.
Raymond C. Perkins Jr.History-Mysteries, Fiction Thrillers
Retired Social Studies teacher who grew up in the wilds of the Northeast Kingdom and now lives in Derby, VT.
Laurie Petrou
Laurie PetrouThriller
It’s not a “whodunit,” it’s a “what comes next” in her debut domestic suspense novel in the vein of Liane Moriarty, Shari Lapena and Claire Douglas.
Allison Pittman
Allison PittmanHistorical Fiction, Christian
14 novels in the Christian historical fiction space, spanning the centuries from the Protestant Reformation to the American Dust Bowl.
David Plante
David PlanteMemoir/Fiction
Critically acclaimed novelist and gifted modern diarist, with background similar to Jack Kerouac, brought up in a French-speaking parish.
Kristoffer Polaha
Kristoffer PolahaRomance
An acclaimed actor now entering the book world with the novel “Moments Like This,” co-authored with Anna Gomez
Jane Pollak
Jane PollakMemoir
In this poignant, instructive memoir, Pollak investigates the roots of misguided love and paints a picture of what it means to live a satisfied life.
Diane Pomerantz
Diane PomerantzMemoir
Tender and horrifying psychological love story of one woman’s battle with cancer and an abusive relationship.
Rick Pullen
Rick PullenThriller
Aspired to be Perry Mason as a kid. Fell in love with investigative journalism, then realized fiction would be the closest he’d get to telling the whole truth.
David Putnam
David PutnamThriller/Mystery
Retired cop, bestselling author


J. O. Quantaman
J. O. QuantamanAlternative History
J. O. has worked as a fishing guide, a photographer, street traffic consultant, a software developer and graphic artist. Currently, he’s an indie author and publisher of “Loose Threads,” the first of the Cool Assassins series.


Gregory Renz
Gregory RenzFiction
A stirring combination of love, race, and life as an urban firefighter.
Linda L. Richards
Linda L. RichardsThriller/Crime Fiction
Experienced author writing strong female protagonists in engrossing page-turners.
Casey Rislov
Casey RislovBaby Board Book
Children’s book author with a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and a lover of all things picture books.
Amy Rivers
Amy RiversThrillers/Suspense
Amy Rivers loves to incorporate her graduate work on politics, psychology and forensic criminology into her writing.
Brent Robins
Brent RobinsContemporary Fiction
A tale with satirical observations and thoughtful analysis of travel, people, and customs.
Carole P. Roman
Carole P. RomanChildren's Books
Award-winning author of over 50 children’s books, from pirates to princesses to discovering the world around us.
Maxine Rosaler
Maxine RosalerFiction
Mothering an autistic child – the story, from first-hand experience, of imperfect women living under enormous pressure, in ironic, precise and vivid prose.
Stacey Rourke
Stacey RourkeYa Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Dystopian thriller features instantly loveable characters that fight together in and out of virtual simulations for their freedom.
Deborah Goodrich Royce
Deborah Goodrich RoyceLiterary Thriller
Actress turned novelist pens suspenseful women’s fiction
Juno Rushdan
Juno RushdanRomantic Thriller
Former U.S. Air Force Intelligence Officer crafts sizzling romantic thrillers.
Derek Rydall
Derek Rydall Spirituality/Self Help
A time-tested system to overcome the belief that outer conditions determine your life and show how to generate everything you need.


Karen Schutte
Karen SchutteHistorical Fiction
A writer who is obsessed with familial history and the power of remembering one’s roots.
Frances Schoonmaker
Frances SchoonmakerMiddle Grade Historical Fantasy
Winner of the 2019 Agatha Award for Best Middle Grade/Young Adult Mystery, Frances Schoonmaker is the author of “The Last Crystal Trilogy”
Roy Schreiber
Roy SchreiberSatirical fiction
History professor, author, dramatist, radio host
Andrew S. Scott
Andrew S. ScottEntrepreneurship / Leadership / Self-Help
Serial entrepreneur and leader offers new lessons on business, finances, wellness, leadership and entrepreneurship.
J. Todd Scott
J. Todd ScottMystery/Crime/Suspense
Has worked as a federal agent all over the world and now writes crime books.
James A. Scott
James A. ScottThriller
Former Army officer, paratrooper and combat veteran with Pentagon experience in oversight of Army intelligence operations.
Bina Shah
Bina ShahFiction
In her Dystopian society, the government uses terror and technology to control its people, and women take multiple husbands to increase the female population.
Susanna Shetley
Susanna ShetleyChildren's
Teacher, writer, parenting blogger and speaker who is inspired most often by children.
Leslie Shimotakahara
Leslie ShimotakaharaFiction
Winner of the 2012 Canada-Japan Literary Prize, Leslie’s latest work is a literary thriller set in Hong Kong.
Lindsay Schuster
Lindsay SchusterYoung Adult Fiction
A high school English teacher who’s written the Young Adult Fiction trilogy “Prosper”
Rebekah Simon-Peter
Rebekah Simon-PeterNon-Fiction
United Methodist pastor coaches church leaders and congregations on how to achieve dreams previously thought impossible.
Obert Skye
Obert SkyeFantasy
Obert Skye loves dragons. He wishes he had a few. Actually, he wishes he had a few dozen. Unfortunately, at the moment he doesn’t even have one.
Monique Snyman
Monique SnymanDark Fantasy/Horror
An award-winning horror and fantasy novelist whose book “The Night Weaver” is the first in a series for young adults.
Ryan Southwick
Ryan SouthwickUrban Fantasy/SciFi
Obsessive writer, programmer and occasional crasher of his first-person racing drone.
Anita Swanson Speake
Anita Swanson SpeakeMemoir
A humorous, sometimes sad journey through the best of Western medicine and Eastern support systems―and through Speake’s evolving relationship with God―as she navigates life with a serious heart condition.
Tammy Spears
Tammy SpearsPoetry
Poet who writes heartfelt pieces to inspire others
Joan Spilman
Joan SpilmanFiction
Joan Spilman is a prize-winning author of adult, young adult and children’s fiction. Her latest work is This Will Never Stop, a novel narrated by four generations of Appalachian women.
Michael Strelow
Michael StrelowFiction
Suppose you discovered the long-lost original manuscript for Moby-Dick? A tale of good guys, bad guys, sneaky guys and legitimate collectors and libraries.
Rory Surtain
Rory SurtainFantasy Fiction
Author of the Demon in Exile series
Rick Swaine
Rick SwaineNonfiction and Historical Fiction
Lifelong baseball player and fan who writes fiction and nonfiction exploring major events in baseball history.
Kristy Sweetland
Kristy SweetlandMemoir
Award-winning author of Stark Raving Zen and transpersonal growth coach
Wendy S. Swore
Wendy S. SworeMiddle Grade Children’s Fiction
Farmer, animal lover and author of imaginative fiction for young readers.


Sandra Tankoos
Sandra TankoosMystery
Teacher, successful entrepreneur and social activist turned author.
Valerie Taylor
Valerie TaylorWomen's Fiction
Living the dream writing novels in CT, being Mimi and an expert sports spectator.
Tom Threadgill
Tom ThreadgillThriller
Tom Threadgill is the author of several thrillers, each with a distinct focus on clean, suspenseful action with strong character development.
Max Tomlinson
Max TomlinsonMystery, Thriller
USA Today bestselling author, partial to imaginary people, many of whom make it into my novels.
Kimberly Townsend
Kimberly TownsendLeadership
Helping exceptional people make every day extraordinary.
PJ Tracy
PJ TracyThriller
The pseudonym of well-known mother-daughter writing duo PJ and Traci Lambrecht, with eight national and international bestsellers. With PJ’s passing, Traci now goes solo.
Jennifer Trethewey
Jennifer TretheweyHighland Romance
Are you Scot curious? Sexy, sweeping, historical romance full of adventure and Highland heartthrobs.
Kevin Tumlinson
Kevin TumlinsonThriller
The Spanish Papers dives into the past where an ancient secret order fights against Hitler as he obsessively collects knowledge to use in WWII.


Marlene Veltre
Marlene VeltreNonfiction/Health and Wellness
Creator of The Method and author of The Simple Seven: Body Basics for Vibrant Health
Scott Ventrella
Scott VentrellaNonfiction, Faith/Christianity/Spirituality
High-profile executive coach, professor and Christian leader.


Richard Webb
Richard WebbNonfiction
Turning the world of Gatsby scholars and aficionados upside down with a bold new theory about the Fitzgerald classic.
Martin Jay Weiss
Martin Jay WeissThriller
Creates the ultimate transparency app, Stalker, to expose everyone’s secrets and lies.
Tom Weidlinger
Tom WeidlingerMemoir
Life of Hungarian Jew whose intrepid spirit helped him escape the Holocaust; became one of the most creative structural engineers of the twentieth century.
Todd A. Weiler
Todd A. WeilerPolitics
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), Veteran, Business Leader and Entrepreneur.
Burt Weissbourd
Burt WeissbourdThrillers
Novelist, screenwriter and producer of feature films.
Renaii West
Renaii WestCozy Mystery/Chick Lit
A multitalented writer and performer who recently authored the cozy mystery “Death by Chaos”
Margot Suzanne Weyandt
Margot Suzanne WeyandtSci-Fi/Fantasy/Romance
Intricate story lines and melding of adventure, romance, sci-fi, fantasy and other genres.
David P. Wichman
David P. WichmanBiography/Memoir
Author, speaker, sexual healer and entrepreneur’s memoir of childhood neglect and abuse, and recovery from homelessness, alcoholism and drug addiction.
Stacey Wilk
Stacey WilkContemporary Women’s Fiction and Romantic Suspense
“Stacey Wilk pens a rich romance with characters a reader will fall in love with. Her writing is crisp and her ability to create a page-turning story-line is one not to be missed!”
Robert Steven Williams
Robert Steven WilliamsFiction/Humor
Author and documentary filmmaker, connecting the dots on theories that the backdrop for Gatsby wasn’t what is commonly believed.
Sheri Williams
Sheri WilliamsJuvenile Fiction and Supernatural Horror
Book industry professional and author, most recently of the children’s book Rootin Tootin Dog
Shawn Wilson
Shawn WilsonCrime Fiction
With experience working in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Wilson creates a unique detective in Brick Kavanaugh.
Susan Wingate
Susan WingateComing of Age/Psychological Suspense/Women’s Fiction
#1 Amazon bestseller and award-winning author of over fifteen novels
Polly Wirum
Polly WirumSpirituality/Self Help
Personal stories and insights as well as channeled messages that help bring spiritual awareness into everyday life.
Sara Wiseman
Sara WisemanSpirituality
A spiritual guide to attainable lessons and exercises on how to engage in direct connection with the Universe and live a soulful life.
Matt Witten
Matt WittenPsychological Thrillers
Novelist, TV writer, screenwriter, playwright.
Philip Wolfson
Philip WolfsonSpy-techno thriller
Fascination and background with the science of faces leads to groundbreaking techno-thriller.


Tom Young
Tom YoungMilitary Thrillers, Historical Fiction
American air combat veteran turned writer, hoping his novels honor those who serve.


Vincent Zandri
Vincent ZandriThrillers / Mysteries / Psychological Suspense
Award-winning author of over 40 thriller novels and novellas