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If you're looking for a helping hand getting your book in front of the right audiences, BooktTrib is the five-star choice. Their follow-through, personal attention, and all-around niceness are second to none. Highly recommended!
—Dave Mason
Author, EO-N
With many reviews, you get a plot rehash and a sentence or two of what they thought. BookTrib went above and beyond, and I couldn't be happier. It was really detailed and should be marketable.
—Robert M. Moores
Author, The Shoe Box
BookTrib’s review really tapped into the heart and soul of the book like no one else has.
—Anna M. Elias
Author, The Vessels
Thank you for the wonderful review. In every exchange we’ve had, you’ve provided sound professional advice and were personally encouraging. It was clear you understood my desire to find an audience and my need to be judicious about how I invested my money.

—Deborah Hawkins
Author, Best of No Small Thing

BookTrib did a great job helping me market my new thriller. The review, the author discovery zone, social media and syndicated column all helped sales and buzz about my book. They also helped me set up a huge book tour, and for the first time I'm doing book signings at Barnes and Noble throughout the Northeast.
—Jeffrey Diamond
Author, Live to the Network
I was completely awed by your thorough and thoughtful review, written with such grace and insight. It was so uplifting to read your treatment of the story after all the work I put into it. I’ll be using your comments wherever I can. What you have done far exceeds anything I expected.

—Ellen Gibson-Adler
Author, The Road to Home,
The Ride to Jubilee, and The Voyage

Look no further than BookTrib to promote your story. Their broad marketing reach will certainly help achieve this goal...it did mine.
—Eric J. Caron
Author, Switched On: The Heart & Mind of a Special Agent
Special Agent (Ret)
Oh my goodness. That is the most wonderfully written review I’ve ever gotten. I will continue to use BookTrib with future books.

—Jennifer Trethewey
Author, Tying the Scot, Betting the Scot,
Forgetting the Scot and Saving the Scot

Thank you for all your help in promoting my novel. I shared the interview that Booktrib posted on Facebook and the response was incredible. I know a lot of copies have already been sold on Amazon.
—Maureen Lutz
Author, Hero Can I Be
Jim Alkon and the BookTrib team are a gift to the debut author. Entering the world of book publishing and marketing is utterly overwhelming, and BookTrib's critique, review, author profile and positioning made me feel like I had a friend in the business, someone who was on my side to give me my first leg up. Their professional reviews and broad exposure to the literary world made all the difference in my book's exposure and my credibility as an independently published author.
Shanon Hunt
Author, The Pain Colony and The Rage Colony
With your program, I definitely noticed a bump in sales, and it helped prime my Amazon rankings for my ebook sale/BookBub mailing.
—Mike Chen
Author, A Beginning at the End and
Here and Now and Then
BookTrib is an important factor in getting my work known. I am delighted with the results of our goal: Get the word out!

—Herb Freed
Author, Bashert and
Faith and a Pair of Pants