BookTrib's Book Club Program was one of the best promotions I've done. The folks at BookTrib are easy to work with, they put your book in front of a wide variety of book clubs all over the country, they promote the book club choices through their own social media, and they provide a really helpful summary of activity at the close of the campaign. I highly recommend BookTrib's Book Club Program to authors looking to break into the book club niche.

—Stephanie Alexander
Author, Charleston Green

I love how precise BookTrib’s marketing is. So different from other similar book marketing sites.

—Susan Wingate
Author, How the Deer Moon Hungers

While I had doubts whether promotion would equal book sales, I can attest that BookTrib’s review of my book definitely resulted in an uptick of activity and ultimately sales of books. Your professional approach and follow through (exactly as promised each step of the way) stands out as stellar in the often-murky world of book publicity. I highly recommend BookTrib as a ‘minimum investment/maximum return’ vehicle to help authors get their books in front of potential readers.

—Anne Goodwin
Author, Come to the Lake

I just read the review of my book and I’m more than just happy -- I’m ecstatic! The review means so much to me, and I will definitely share it on social media. It was well worth the wait and it surpasses all expectations of what I thought the program would be like. I am very happy I made the decision to use BookTrib, and look forward to many more projects.

—Charletta Barksdale
Author, Desire of Whimsy

BookTrib is the go-to platform for readers looking for their next great read and writers looking for a great way to build their brand. Reviews are incisive and insightful, and features bring books and authors to life. Whether it’s print, digital or audio books, the future of reading entertainment begins here.

—John Land
USA Today bestselling author

We can’t say enough about BookTrib — supportive, sharp, always insightful. They’ve become integral to our marketing for debut authors — their mission of connecting readers and writers rings true.

—Lindy Ryan
Owner/Publisher, Black Spot Books

BookTrib has become an integral part of book launches and promotions. Through their program and a stellar review, they introduced my novel Howard & Debbie to tens of thousands of readers, which has resulted in a major increase in online and bookstore sales. I can't imagine releasing a book without them.

—Max Mobley
Author, Howard & Debbie

BookTrib’s review really tapped into the heart and soul of the book like no one else has.
—Anna M. Elias
Author, The Vessels
BookTrib’s review was not only the best review I’ve received to date, it may be the best review I’ve ever read, period. I received several compliments on how articulate and well written it was.
–Ryan Southwick
Author, Angels in the Mist
Book Trib has been an important part of my marketing program. They have cultivated a quality community of readers. They are certainly at the top of my list.
–Rita Dragonette
Author, The Fourteenth of September
Thank you for the wonderful review. In every exchange we’ve had, you’ve provided sound professional advice and were personally encouraging. It was clear you understood my desire to find an audience and my need to be judicious about how I invested my money.

—Deborah Hawkins
Author, Best of No Small Thing

My journey as a self-published author has been a long and often difficult one. There are so many decisions to make. Finding a professional marketing venue on a limited budget is one of the most challenging decisions. I feel very fortunate to have chosen BookTrib to help market my book. They were there for me all the way. I am impressed with the professional look of their site and their extensive social network. As an author, the most important thing is to reach as many readers as possible. I am delighted with the professional review of my book. It’s clear the reviewer understood the essence of my stories. Most importantly, BookTrib is ethical. They did everything they promised, and to me that is so important. I highly recommend BookTrib.

—Diana Grillo
 Author, An Accidental Murder and Other Stories

BookTrib is not only “the hub where booklovers discover hot new titles and up- and-coming authors, it’s also a fantastic way for all authors to get marketing guidance from a seasoned staff and thoughtful reviews from a stellar stable of writers. BookTrib knows how to get a book to stand out and shine in a crowded marketplace. They refueled the fire of my debut thriller and were indispensable in the launch of my latest - and in such a short amount of time! And everyone at BookTrib is super nice to boot!

—Martin Jay Weiss
Author, Second Son and Flamingo Coast

BookTrib was immensely helpful to a debut author.

—Samuel W. Gailey
Author, Deep Winter and The Guilt We Carry

With your program, I definitely noticed a bump in sales, and it helped prime my Amazon rankings for my ebook sale/BookBub mailing.
—Mike Chen
Author, A Beginning at the End and
Here and Now and Then
BookTrib did a great job helping me market my new thriller. The review, the author discovery zone, social media and syndicated column all helped sales and buzz about my book. They also helped me set up a huge book tour, and for the first time I'm doing book signings at Barnes and Noble throughout the Northeast.
—Jeffrey Diamond
Author, Live to the Network
I was completely awed by your thorough and thoughtful review, written with such grace and insight. It was so uplifting to read your treatment of the story after all the work I put into it. I’ll be using your comments wherever I can. What you have done far exceeds anything I expected.

—Ellen Gibson-Adler
Author, The Road to Home,
The Ride to Jubilee and The Voyage

Look no further than BookTrib to promote your story. Their broad marketing reach will certainly help achieve this goal...it did mine.
—Eric J. Caron
Author, Switched On: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent
Special Agent (Ret)
BookTrib is an important factor in getting my work known. I am delighted with the results of our goal: Get the word out!

—Herb Freed
Author, Bashert and Love, Faith and a Pair of Pants

Oh my goodness. That is the most wonderfully written review I’ve ever gotten. I will continue to use BookTrib with future books.

—Jennifer Trethewey
Author, Tying the Scot, Betting the Scot,
Forgetting the Scot and Saving the Scot

BookTrib is a gem! We have found them to be an excellent partner for getting the word out about upcoming titles. They are easy to work with, communicate well, keep us informed, and our clients are absolutely loving the results.

Tabitha Bailey
Senior Publicist, Sparkpoint Studio




I have been very fortunate to work with Meryl Moss Media. They have created over a hundred interview opportunities for me, publicized my books all over the country, and given me excellent advice on how to expand my readership. I could not have found a better group.

—Mike Bond
Author, Saving Paradise, The Last Savanna, Holy War, House of Jaguar and Tibetan Cross

As a first-time author, I was amazed at how much great publicity Meryl Moss Media was able to generate for me in a very short time. I was transformed from being just another autism mom writing about my family’s experience to an author/expert interviewed on many radio stations and television shows and was offered several speaking engagements. I was also featured in The New York Post and invited to write articles for numerous parents’ magazines and prominent blogs. I couldn’t imagine a more “picture perfect” book launch, and would definitely return to Meryl with my second book.

—Marguerite Elisofon
Author, My Picture Perfect Family: What Happens When One Twin Has Autism

I love the personal attention I received from working with Meryl Moss Media as well as from Meryl herself. As a client I felt I had my own team. I appreciated their openness, flexibility and integrity throughout the process. It was a delightful experience overall.

—Micheline Nader
Author, The Dolphin’s Dance

Meryl Moss and her staff did everything she promised and then some during the time I retained her to help market my most recent two novels. I have been extremely pleased. Interviews and appearances were arranged efficiently providing wide exposure. In addition, they found blogs and reviewers to publicize the books. When my publisher’s schedule slipped, Meryl was both gracious and flexible in rescheduling the appearances. I will certainly use Meryl again for my next book.

—Allan Topol
Author, The Spanish Revenge

Meryl Moss Media offers a spectacular level of service. MMM provides high quality and effective contacts, along with seamless organization that makes it easy to manage the most robust event or media tour. Meryl herself is warm, insightful and has a knack for knowing exactly who to connect authors with; her team is positive, friendly and effective. I highly recommend Meryl Moss Media, and plan on working with them again.

—Sara Wiseman
Author, Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker’s Soul

What sets Meryl Moss Media apart is that Meryl and her team care so much about their clients.

—Ann Fishman
Author, Marketing to the Millennial Woman

Meryl Moss and her team gave Midnight in Berlin a huge boost in the U.S. and made it essential that I fly the Atlantic to fulfill the many interviews and speaking engagements that she and her team arranged for me. A fantastic service from highly skilled publicists who know the highways and byways of American media

—James MacManus
Author, Midnight in Berlin

Meryl Moss and her team were instrumental in transforming my “Leading Geeks” book into the foundation for a satisfying career. If you’ve invested your time, heart and soul in writing a book that you want to launch a career in writing, speaking and/or consulting, publicity is a critical component. Every day, more than a decade later, I still reap the benefits of the investment I made with Meryl & her team.

—Paul Glen
Author, Leading Geeks

Meryl and her staff are extremely smart, extremely capable, and hyper-aware of the media environment — the right combination of flexibility and tenacity for high-level promotion. Plus, they are a pleasure to work with.

—Frederick Kaufman
Author, Bet the Farm

I would not launch another book without Meryl Moss Media.

—Kathryn Miles
Author, Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy

Meryl Moss has been my trusted book publicist for eight of my books (six nonfiction and two novels). She is a seasoned, respected publicist who has created impressive campaigns for each of my projects. She and her staff are savvy, resourceful marketers — I count on them

—Susan Shapiro Barash/ aka Susannah Marren
Author, You’re Grounded Forever…But First Let’s Go Shopping, Tripping the Prom Queen, Toxic Friends, Between the Tides, A Palm Beach Wife, Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets and The Nine Phases of Marriage