What Authors Are Saying About BookTrib

“While I had doubts whether promotion would equal book sales, I can attest that BookTrib’s review of my book definitely resulted in an uptick of activity and ultimately sales of books.”

— Anne Goodwin, author

“Finding a professional marketing venue on a limited budget is one of the most challenging decisions. I feel very fortunate to have chosen BookTrib to help market my book. They were there for me all the way. They did everything they promised, and to me that is so important. I highly recommend BookTrib.”

— Diana Grillo, author

“BookTrib has become an integral part of book launches and promotions. Through their program and a stellar review, they introduced my novel Howard & Debbie to tens of thousands of readers, which has resulted in a major increase in online and bookstore sales. I can’t imagine releasing a book without them.”

— Max Mobley, author

“Oh my goodness. That is the most wonderfully written review I’ve ever gotten. I will continue to use BookTrib with future books.”

— Jennifer Trethewey, author

Years of Experience Helping Authors Get Known

BookTrib.com was created by Meryl Moss, President and Founder of Meryl Moss Media, a literary media relations and marketing firm that has been promoting and branding authors for more than 26 years through media exposure, speaking engagements, social media and creative marketing solutions. The firm specializes in working with first-time authors as well as those established and looking for a seasoned group of professionals to take them to the next level. Meryl and her team are proud to work with authors book after book, our best compliment.

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