Who doesn’t love pie?


My nephew, that’s who!

One of my mother’s favorite stories to tell about her grandchildren (and one we never let this particular one forget) is how he asked her if they could make a pie together. My mother really enjoys doing these things with her grandkids and they enjoy it just as much. So on this day, about 13 years ago, my mother set out to bake a pie with her first grandchild.

The went to the store together and loaded up their cart with the freshest ingredients including the plumpest, juiciest blueberries, and vanilla ice cream from their favorite ice creamery.  They went home and made the pie from scratch— crust and all. My nephew, his Nana’s “Gentle Giant,” was so proud of his accomplishment, his little face beamed as my mother set their masterpiece on the kitchen counter to cool.

A few hours later, my mother told my nephew it was time to eat the pie they made.  That’s when my nephew made his dislike of pie very clear, “Nana, I don’t like pie.” I wasn’t there, I’ve only heard the story.  Though, I can imagine the look on my mother’s face may have been similar to the look I got when she found me cutting my sister’s hair at age six. The son of said sister did not like pie, but he loved the closeness it brought between him and his only living grandmother.

Pies bring people together and no one knows that better than world-renowned baker and food photographer, Linda Lomelino. In her latest cookbook, Lomelino’s Pies, Lomelino offers recipes for some of the best sauces, fillings and crusts that serve as the foundation for the perfect pie!  Home cooks will also find tips on how to make the flakiest crusts (the most important part of any pie recipe), how to form decorative tops and that “pie” really refers to a range of baked goods to include pastries, galettes, tarts and turnovers.

Lomelino breaks pie-making down to a science that even the novice chef can successfully master.  With so many recipes to choose from, I dare anyone, even my finicky nephew to find one they don’t like. Highlights from this book include the recipes for Burnt Butter Pie, fig and marscapone pizza, and the American staple, Homemade Apple Pie.

In addition to outstanding recipes, the pictures are breath-taking. Lomelino has an eye for bringing out the beauty and romanticism in food.  The photos in these pages will make you look forward to your holiday baking and many of the unique combinations of flavors will surely make all your holiday pies a hit!

You can view photo excerpts from Linda Lomelino’s book on her website. BookTrib will be giving away three copies of Lomelino’s Pies. To enter, sign up for our newsletter below.



Photo by adelasterfoodtextures

Linda Lomelino is a photographer and stylist based in Sweden. She is the author of  Call Me Cupcake blog has penned four cookbooks that have been translated into several languages.


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