“We have turned our back on God and we are trying to travel this journey alone.” Freddie Floyd Jr., the writer of this quote and author of the book You Are Designed to Be Successful (Covenant Books) wants you to feel the welcome relief of knowing that, despite what you may believe, you’re never alone. 

Identity crises are this author’s specialty because, from his perspective, they are God’s specialty. Our current society expects us to bear every burden in stoic isolation even as they compound and slowly, painfully break our backs. But that’s just the way of the world, right? Life’s not fair, and hell is the other people who make it harder. 

Well, in very small way … yes, that’s right, because the world of man is built on concepts that will inevitably fail. But not so with God; Floyd invites you to repent, surrender and let the one who can handle anything take that weight off your shoulders so you can thrive as He meant you to. We asked the author a few more questions about his book below, and you can read our full review here

Q: What kinds of struggles were you facing in your life that spurred you to decide to make profound changes?

A: Back in 2015 I was broke and I couldn’t find any stable work that I wanted to do, but I stayed in the church. I was so broke that I was putting, with embarrassment, $0.50 in the church collection because that’s all I could afford at that time. But I was a praying man, and God came through in a significant way. I was able to land and job overseas through a friend, and from there, I came up with my first book, You Are Designed to Be Successful.

Q: How difficult was it to make those changes in your life?

A: It wasn’t difficult at all. I mean, when you’re at the bottom, the only way to go is up. I committed myself to studying and learning God’s word, not just knowing but also applying the knowledge learned to my life. I think the hardest thing was understanding the word in its proper context.

Q: Why do you think much of the population has “turned its back” on God?

A: Most people turn their back on God because of what they see from pastors in the churches today, from how other Christians are in the world today and, I also think, because of a simple lack of knowledge of scripture.

Q: How difficult is it for people to focus their efforts on their spiritual existence?

A: It can be challenging because, again, they lack understanding of exactly what their responsibilities are as Christian or spiritual people. The Bible clarifies when it says that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, which means no one is perfect; you can’t walk on eggshells on our walk with Christ. You’re going to make a mistake, you’re going stumble, but the key is to continue your journey and, for God’s sake, stop allowing others to dictate to you what you do and how you do it. You know right from wrong. God judges, and let me tell you: with this walk, you will do evil, but you will feel some way, and God will get you right if you stay in His word.

Q: What is the one underlying message you would want readers to take away from your book?

A: I want people to understand that it’s not God’s intention that you lack in any area of your life. Scripture says the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective. If you find yourself struggling, get in the practice of communicating with God and not when you are in a bind. He wants you to have success in your life. Jesus himself says he came to give life and give it more abundantly, which means in excess.

Q: What is next for you? Will you be writing another book? How else will you be communicating your message?

A: I have book # 2 coming out, I suppose, in October or, at the latest, November. I am super excited about it. The book is dedicated to my only daughter, Rayna Floyd. It’s more of a guide to life and what to expect as she becomes a woman.

I am looking forward to its launch date.

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About Freddie Floyd Jr:

The author is a faithful devoted family man, and You Are Designed to Be Successful is his first book. He has always asked God to lead him, yet to give him balance in life. His desire is to reach the masses of all people and to encourage them and teach them about Jesus Christ. When he is not writing, Freddie spends most of his time reading the word of God, or other inspirational books, cooking, traveling and spending much-needed time with the family. An admitted sports fanatic, he feeds his addiction to football by watching the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoons.