“We have turned our back on God and we are trying to travel this journey alone.”

Freddie Floyd Jr. makes that observation and hopes to turn that thinking around. In his debut book, You Are Designed to Be Successful (Covenant Books), he says, “It is never too late to make a change and return back to God.” In his short, simple narrative full of salient points, he shows readers how doing so changed his life and how it can change theirs.

The book was created, he says, “for all those who have struggled and are still struggling with who they are. If you have ever wondered why things are not going right in your life and you find yourself comparing your life to others, this is the book for you.”

“Will you dare to try something different?”

That “something” is some simple advice about understanding God, your relationship with God, how leaving matters in God’s hands produces a fruitful and harmonious existence, and reminders of how best to accomplish all that.


Floyd writes in a convincing yet not overpowering style, engaged more in a calming dialogue with the reader than a preachy tone. That style allows readers to digest the concepts and easily buy in if they so choose.

In the first chapter, the author stresses the importance of knowing God and understanding the difference between God and man. “We tend to trust in man and omit what God says,” he writes, adding that “Man will fail you over and over again.” He says people can’t expect to receive God’s blessings if they are not willing to learn about Him and understand Him.” The problem is “We often want what comes with the blessings and are not willing to put in the work to receive the blessings.” There are no shortcuts.

Paying attention to your spiritual existence, Floyd notes, is as important as feeding your natural body daily. It will help you develop good habits and break bad ones.

The author takes us through several other essential concepts, like the importance of repenting in order to achieve salvation. “One cannot truly believe unless he repents,” he writes, “and one cannot truly repent unless he believes.”


He also spends considerable time discussing the freedom of choices and how blaming others is a lot easier than accepting responsibility for your own actions. This takes us back to Adam and Eve for our first lesson on this topic.

In the end, it’s all about making good choices based on God’s principles: “relationships over rights, godliness over greed, fellowship with God over the world’s approval, and faith in God’s promises over immediate pleasure.”

The formula seems so simple and obvious, yet Floyd’s sound reminders are necessary for those lacking fulfillment or straying from the proper course.

You Are Designed to Be Successful is a short, straightforward guidebook to help readers looking to connect with God and hoping to reap the abundance that is available through that practice. Freddie Floyd has found his own peace, and he is here to share it with any takers. Readers are invited to hop along on the journey.

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About Freddie Floyd Jr.:

A faithful devoted family man, You Are Designed to Be Successful is the author’s first book. He has always asked God to lead him, yet to have balance in life. His desire is to reach the masses of all people to encourage them and teach them about Jesus Christ. When he is not writing, Freddie spends most of his time reading the word of God, or other inspirational books, cooking, traveling, and spending much needed time with the family. An admitted sports fanatic, He feeds his addiction to football by watching the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoons.