In 2011 Polly Wirum ran her last marathon. It had been part of her lifestyle, part of her identity. But struggling with her health, she spent almost a year seeking answers and eventually was diagnosed with a circulatory issue.

That propelled her on another journey to seek different answers.

“I found myself having to let go of everything in my life and have faith that I would live to raise my children,” says Wirum, a life coach and intuitive, in her new book Gateways 2 Peace (Gatekeeper Press). “My ability to live with faith brought me to my current life experience. It was during my many hours of resting that I found myself slipping into meditation. I also found myself praying.”

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“I have always believed in a higher power,” she writes. “I just wasn’t putting my attention toward this connection. I was gifted with an awakening that affected my mind, body and soul.”

In Gateways 2 Peace, Wirum offers a collection of essays that help bring spiritual awareness into everyday life. She shares personal stories and insights as well as channeled messages that remind us of our universal connection.

Wirum asks what is it that brings us to a place of open heart and appreciation, and suggests that each of us has the ability “to create heaven on earth. What if we only opened our eyes to a day filled with joy? We literally have unlimited possibilities to choose from while creating life….It’s up to each of us to decide how we experience it.”

In her book, she explains that many of our habits and beliefs are from lifetimes of subconsciously putting focus on certain beliefs.  So how can we remove what doesn’t serve us?

Wirum suggests we start writing down frequently used words in our everyday speech and assign colors to them that reflect their level of positive or negative energy. “How do you feel when looking at your frequent words and thoughts in a visual form? This is a great way to get a glimpse of the energy you are pulling into your world.”

The author recently sat down with BookTrib to discuss her life, her teachings, and the messages in her book.

BookTrib: What commonalities do you observe in people that cause them frustration, unhappiness, fear and other forms of negativity?

Polly Wirum: So many people are dragging around things from their past, even their childhood. They were taught ways to look at the world that possibly isn’t serving them. For example, if someone was raised believing they were not the smart child, they likely go through life doubting their intelligence. Many people live in a stressful world. They are living a life that is not fulfilling. Letting go of what you think you need to do and living a life that allows you to be happy is a great start.

I honestly think one of the gifts we can give ourselves is to slow down and think about what brings you happiness. Think about where you feel good.  Begin by creating a world that supports you and allows you to feel good.

BT: In the book, you say you were in the midst of a “season dedicated to healing.” What was going on?

PW: When our oldest daughter came home from one year of college out of state, she needed a lot of time to just heal. I prioritized creating a healing environment for her.

There are times in life that we need to prioritize our relationships and the mental, physical aspects of our life. Taking a time to heal is doing just that. Prioritizing you is taking time to heal — everything else will be waiting for you.

BT: You share your own life experiences, many of them that would appear unpleasant on the surface. Why did you decide to open up?

PW: I am very honest and upfront about what is going on in my life. I know that everyone will at some point experience struggles, happiness etc.  I hope my sharing of experiences reminds people they are not alone. Celebrate the success and work through the struggles.  

BT: How did you come to acquire the insights and knowledge in the book that have formed the basis of your teachings and life coaching?

PW: Just living life has gifted me so many experiences to pull from. I believe my education as a nurse has helped. The greatest gift possibly were my early years, when I experienced some significant struggles.  This brings humility and awareness and gratitude. I am a certified life coach as well as a wellness coach, but I rely on my intuitive/ spiritual self when coaching.

BT: What is the importance of meditation?

PW: Meditation is a key part of living an intentional, peaceful life. With that being said, meditation is easy. It’s just scheduling a time/ practice to just sit and allow yourself to be open to receiving.  Spending time in nature, with animals etc. is a key part of living a peaceful, uncomplicated life. Let go of the stuff that used to fit in your world and no longer does!

BT:  What would you say to someone who is skeptical that finding the right spiritual connection and consciousness will free them from all that ails them?

PW: Personal power in the sense of recognizing the ability to create a life you love is huge! I understand that that concept can be off-putting for some. Taking it one step at a time and bringing in prayer, meditation and gratitude can soften the resistance to taking responsibility for your life as it is now.  

BT: What did you learn about yourself during the process of writing this book?

PW: Writing this book, or really just sharing about my life, is interesting. I recognize myself as human and share a lot through my writing.  My intention is that this will help others find peace in their life. I’m certainly not overly polished, but I think that makes me approachable. I want to help others find the sweet spot in life. I’m looking at this book with its imperfections as a jumping-off point. 

BT: Any other thoughts you’d like to offer potential readers?

PW: The book should be seen as reading excerpts of what was going on in my family/life at the times the blogs were written, and this will allow it to be what it is — spoken from the heart, sometimes raw, sometimes inadequate, but always with the intent to connect others to love and inspiration.

Gateways 2 Peace is now available to purchase.


Polly Wirum is an intuitive, life coach and writer. She is the founder of She helps people connect to the energy of peace. This can be done in an intuitive reading, life coaching or live channeling sessions. She also offers channeling messages in her biweekly blog. These messages carry the vibration of peace. When you work with Polly she connects to your energy. She feels, sees and hears messages for you. Sometimes your loved ones come through. Every reading is unique as the individual receiving the messages.