Polly Wirum

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Personal stories and insights as well as channeled messages that help bring spiritual awareness into everyday life.

POLLY WIRUM is the author of Gateways 2 Peace, an easy-to-read collection of spiritual blogs and articles.  Much of the writing is experiences and lessons learned while raising a family in Alaska. The greatest message shared is that we are all connected to each other, our Universe and a higher power.

We each have the power within to create a life of peace and well-being. The writing is fun, and has the potential to guide you into living an aware and magical life. The reader is reminded all the love and support available to them. Each of us has Angels, Guides and loved ones that are sending us messages and guiding us. There are channeled messages throughout the book.  They carry the powerful vibration of eternal love. Reading these messages is both meditative and transformative.

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Gateways 2 Peace (Fall 2018)

Last book read:

You Will See It When You Believe It by Dr Wayne Dyer

The book that changed your life:

I’m not sure that I can pinpoint a particular book that was life changing. I can say that a collection of books helped me become the person I am today.  Reading the words of spiritual teachers allows you the opportunity to sit with their wisdom and feel what they are sharing. The power of words is undeniably strong when reshaping a life. I love books that show you how to make a lasting change. As you are reading and practicing new ways of looking at life, your world begins to shift.

Your favorite literary character:

Neale Donald Walsh. In his books he talks about his personal transformation.  Honestly I have so many favorites, but they always have an element of compassion and faith.  I love it when people take a risk and believe in themselves!

Currently working on:

An intuitive life coaching business providing intuitive readings and life coaching. Also writing a biweekly blog that can be found on Gateways2peace.com and doing radio shows and live events. She shares insights and inspiration messages on Facebook.

Words to live by:

“I know that each of us has the ability to create a magical life.  It takes faith and courage to believe you have the personal power to live a life that supports your wellness and happiness.”

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

I believe that each of us is capable of creating a life work of masterpieces; the key is following your heart.  Create a life that supports you and your dreams.  Write about it!  Share your passion.


“When I needed it most I came across Polly’s book Gateways 2 Peace.  I was seeking calm and reassurance that personal peace was possible.  I have always been filled with anxiety about the past, present and future (that is a lot of worries). Polly’s writing and experiences guided me to find the light and joy in myself, rather than seeking it from the outside.  I now follow Polly’s blog and am greeted by more insight each time. Well worth the read.”


Gateways 2 Peace is a book you can easily read over and over. It is beautifully written, easy and fun. It is a reminder that we all share a connection to this Earth, to each other and to a high power.”