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*New Releases*: New York Magazine Turns 50, Joan Didion Gets a Second Look and ‘Girl Logic’ Rules!

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In addition to a host of political books released on election day,  we’re celebrating the release of a new book on the 50th anniversary of the New York Magazine with one of the most culturally-relevant coffee tables books, as well as comedian Iliza Shlesinger’s first book, Girl Logic (watch out for giveaways starting this Thursday!). Of course, we would be remiss to not mention the re-publication of Joan Didion’s non-fiction essays, a stunning collection full of everything we love about her writing. From non-fiction essays, some classic suspense novels, a famous vlogger taking on mental health with brutal honesty, and comedians taking on “a man’s world” with intelligence, grace, and hilarity, here are eight of the best new releases for the week.

Highbrow, Lowbrow, Brilliant, Despicable: Fifty Years of New York Magazine, The Editors of New York Magazine

Founded in 1968, over the years, the New York Magazine has become a staple in the lives of New Yorkers. This book comes out just in time for the 50th anniversary of the publication, and covers everything from the early days, when Gloria Steinem was a writer for the magazine, to its current evolution. Each cover in the magazine is like a piece of history, covering some of the most culturally relevant and monumental moments to take place in the last 50 years. A required book for every coffee table.

Slouching Towards Bethlehem: Essays, Joan Didion

Joan Didion’s first work of nonfiction, Slouching Towards Bethlehem cemented her place among the literary greats. This collection of essays displays Didion’s uniquely awe striking perspective, in the exploration of various subjects such as growing up in California, and the morality of a motel room in Death Valley. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Didion, or if this is your first time hearing about her, this collection is an essential introduction to the quintessential Joan Didion: timeless, inspirational, and beautiful.

Every Breath You Take (An Under Suspicion Novel)Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

Welcome back, Laurie Moran! If you haven’t read the first books in the series yet, go back and read – you won’t regret it for a second. In this latest novel, Laurie’s professional life is better than ever: her television series Under Suspicion is a resounding success, not just with ratings, but with the cases they solve, as well. But while her professional like is great, her personal life isn’t going so well; when new co-host Ryan, whom she can’t stand, suggests a case, things start to take a surprising turn, and maybe not for the best.

The House of Unexpected Sister: No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith

This may be #18 in the series, but that only means it’s gotten better. Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi take on a case that takes on the past, first impressions, and forgiveness. Approached by a part-time colleague with a story about a woman wrongly dismissed from her job, Mma Ramotswe vows to find justice, but details arise that may change her views on the case. As if things weren’t complicated enough, a figure from her past also arrives in town. The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series is as classic as it is good. Always fun, always interesting, we can’t recommend this one enough.

The Getaway (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)Jeff Kinney

You can never quite predict where author Jeff Kinney is going to take Greg (the wimpy kid in question). This time, however, he’s going on vacation with his family. With the cold weather incoming, and the anxiety from the holiday season rising, Greg’s mom and dad decide that it would be nice to go somewhere tropical for the season; while this seems like a good idea, paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, what with stomach troubles, sun poisoning and venomous animals threatening the idyllic vision of beach, sun, and sand. This series may be aimed at kids, but honestly, it’s a fun read for all ages!

Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Mansion, Life Inside His Cult, and the Darkness That Ended the SixtiesDianne Lake and Deborah Herman

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Dianne ‘Snake’ Lane joined the Manson Family when she was just fourteen years old. For the first time, she has come forward to talk about her life, childhood and upbringing inside one of the most notorious communes of all time. One of Charles Manson’s “girls,” Dianne Lane has provided a whole new perspective on the cult leader and murderer, as well as their final meeting in courtroom, where she testified against him. Well-written and haunting, this is a must-read. Be sure to check out our giveaway of the book, as well.

Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity, Iliza Shlesinger

Image courtesy of amazon.com

Iliza Shlesinger is one of the funniest women we’ve seen in a long time. The winner of Last Comic Standing in 2008, she’s currently hosting the late-night talk show Truth & Iliza on Freeform. Now, she’s come out with her first book, Girl Logic. The title of the book is a term coined by Shlesinger on the way women think about things that appears ridiculously contradictory, but is actually very rational and evolved. Shlesinger isn’t just funny and fierce, she’s smart. We highly recommend this one to every single person looking for a book, no matter what genre. Keep an eye out for our giveaway of the book this week!

Secrets for the Mad: Confessions, Obsessions, and Life Lessons, Dodie Clark

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From British vlogger Dodie Clark, known by her handle of doddleoddle, this book is heartbreaking and beautiful. Dealing with matters such as suicidal ideation, depression, self-harm, body image issues, dependent personality disorder, as well as manipulative and emotionally abusive relationships, this is a hard book to read. But Clark’s writing is so sincere and eloquent that the impulse to keep reading, no matter how tough, is always there. This is a truly groundbreaking book, full of life lessons, love and honesty.

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