What do you get when you bring together a licensed clinical social worker fluent in a number of spiritual healing modalities with a designer with a background in herbalism and natural healing? 

You get something as beautiful and wise as the 2022 Mystical Moon Journal: A Guide to Harnessing the Energy of the Moon Through Ritual, Visualization, and Intuition. Written by Merrill Black, LCSW in collaboration with designer/healer Leslie Lee, the journal guides users through the new and full moons of 2022, exploring the astrological energies of each through a combination of rituals, visualizations and reflective journal prompts.

Flipping through its pages, it’s evident that much thought and love went into both the writing and design of this large-format, soft-cover, full-color journal. It’s simply gorgeous. There are over 160 pages of information about 2022’s schedule of new and full moons, along with relevant astrological influences, rituals and journaling prompts. Suggestions for each moon include related crystals, essential oils, plants, affirmations, and even mudras, mantras and asanas! (That’s hand gestures, sounds and postures, in case you are unfamiliar.)

The creators have left plenty of room for you to write your thoughts and reactions, making this a highly useful tool. In each moon cycle, you can journal about what you want to manifest, release and explore, and what your affirmations and intentions are. There are spaces for messages from oracle cards and other intuitive methods. Each month ends with a series of reflection pages for summing up and reflecting back on your progress.


As a person who designs calendars and journals myself, I really appreciated how thoughtfully this book is put together and how easy it is to use. Everything is well-organized and presented. As a pagan, I found the information just as easy to assimilate into my daily practice. Check and see when the next full or new moon is and what is recommended to harness the energies. Grab crystals or oracle cards as needed. Get right into it.

On the Mystical Moon Journal website, Black and Lee give extra information that is helpful to users who are new or unfamiliar with the modalities presented. The authors make recommendations on which oracle decks to use with the journal, provide explanations on the yoga healing practices offered throughout, and offer tips on using affirmations to effectively manifest change in your life. One of the many great things about the journal is that the rituals and information can be reused beyond 2022, making it well worth the investment. 

Mystical Moon Journal is a practical and interactive book, not something you sit down to read straight through. It’s an experience and a journey, and you will get out of it what you put into it. If you have difficulty sticking to it as a solo practitioner, the authors also provide a monthly group web chat called the Mystical Moon Book Circle. (Get more details on event dates and times on the book’s website.)

As Lee put it in a recent video about the book, the hope is that you will witness transformation by journaling throughout the year and by reflecting on the process and your progress. Black and Lee have thoughtfully provided every possible tool for you to succeed in doing so in a format that’s a delight to browse through and, most importantly, use.

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Merrill Black is a licensed clinical social worker fluent in a number of spiritual healing modalities. She is an intuitive empath healer, Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, registered yoga teacher and certified LifeForce Yoga practitioner. She has provided numerous workshops and training sessions all over the United States through a variety of organizations and venues to help others manage their moods, practice Usui Reiki, and awaken/raise their energetic consciousness. Black is the Founder/Owner of The Temperance Center in Eastchester, NY.

About Leslie Lee:

Leslie Lee is an intuitive creative, herbalist, plant-tender and earth-medicine maker. She is the co-founder of LeeHouse.co, an online apothecary, where she and her husband offer handmade organic herbal remedies and body care. Lee has studied mysticism, astrology and various approaches to natural healing for most of her life.