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‘The Center Will Not Hold’: 24 Joan Didion Quotes That Strike a Nerve

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On the heels of its New York Film Festival premiere, Griffin Dunne’s Joan Didion documentary, The Center Will Not Hold, comes to Netflix on October 27. The film is a retrospect of the literary giant’s career, from her earliest successes to more present-day milestones—like the publication of her National Book Award winner, The Year of Magical Thinking. I saw the documentary during a screening at the film festival earlier this month. At the risk of sounding cliche, I laughed (Didion’s solution to writer’s block is putting manuscripts in the freezer), and I cried (a lot of time is dedicated to her late husband and daughter). For the first time, we get an intimate glimpse at a woman who, for the…

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NY Times Editor Pamela Paul’s ‘My Life with Bob’ is a Treat for Book Lovers

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I received multiple copies of My Life with Bob as a gift for my birthday; evidently several people believed I would enjoy it and of course, they were right! As a reader, what’s not to like about a book about someone who loves books. Author Pamela Paul, editor of The New York Times Book Review kept a record of everything she read in her Book of Books (Bob) for almost 30 years. Her memoir takes us along her life journey with the list of everything she read along the way from her teen years to adulthood. This journal, Bob, is synonymous with her, representing a diary with hopes and dreams, the good, the bad and the ugly. The books she…

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