Written last year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pseudonymous author Justin C. Denton lays out a case for its origins as a planned Chinese bioweapon attack upon the United States and Hong Kong in his book And the Sky Fell: Who Benefits? Who Loses? The Real Story Behind the Global Pandemic (Covenant Books). Denton, an investigative journalist, military historian, certified business continuity (and pandemic) planner (CBCP), and certified information systems security professional (CISSP), points the finger at China for intentionally releasing a “gain of function” pathogen from one of its labs in this synthesis of information released by health agencies and through media reports from sources including the WHO, CDC, Fox News, Epoch Times and Forbes, among others.

Calling his method of inquiry “pulling the string,” Denton goes down the rabbit hole to examine the evidence of China’s culpability in unleashing a known and virulent pathogen; his conclusions will entice any reader who loves a juicy conspiracy theory. Denton writes in a colloquial, folksy manner from the perspective of a Christian and political conservative, hammering home the existential threat of China, its godless communism, and the long game it is playing to strategically supplant the U.S. as a world leader.


Since Denton’s initial investigations and the book’s publication, much has happened: the world has seen the rise of an effective vaccine and millions have returned to work — albeit with lingering supply chain problems. These developments shed additional light on the author’s case. Denton’s sections outlining how bio labs in China operate are instructive for the uninitiated, and many questions he raises about China’s role in the pandemic are still valid and certainly on the minds of U.S. senior defense officials tasked with the nation’s safeguarding.

One question Denton raises is of the destruction of the Wuhan Seafood Market after it was identified as the origin point of the deadly virus — since it was obliterated, there was no opportunity for adequate tracing to its purported animal source. Denton believes this to be a smoking gun, indicating China’s desire to cover up a “false flag” operation.

And the Sky Fell raises more questions than it can possibly answer, but Denton does offer his theory as to what went wrong, who loses and who benefits (ultimately, China). He is currently working on a follow-up; it’s called Then the World Shuttered. In the meantime, And the Sky Fell has more than enough chilling inquiry to keep us all up at night.

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About Justin C. Denton:

Justin Denton is an investigative journalist, a certified business continuity (and pandemic) planner (CBCP), as well as a certified information systems security professional (CISSP). As such, he has written or reviewed countless pandemic plans and recovery protocols as well as investigated many breaches of information system security. He served as a private investigator and technical writer and created his own technical publishing firm.

Justin calls a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home and resides there with his wife, Svetlana.