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Writer’s Bone: Daniel Ford’s Debut Novel, ‘Sid Sanford Lives!’

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In October, Daniel Ford read from his debut novel Sid Sanford Lives! at Belmont Books in Belmont, Mass., and the then answered questions from Dave Pezza and a smart group of readers. Learn more about Daniel Ford by visiting his official website, liking his Facebook page, or following him on Twitter @danielfford. Sid Sanford Lives! is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound.     Want to be a published writer? Enter our writing contest, where you could become a BookTrib Contributor! Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2018. Be a BookTrib Ambassador!  Sign up NOW for our weekly newsletter.

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On Writing, Friendship and Healing: One Writer’s Journey to the Center of Self

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I met my friend and co-writer 10 years ago. With every year that went by, our friendship quickly escalated from a simple friendship to a soulmate friendship. We talked about everything and anything and it was easy. We both felt no judgment from the other and it made us feel better knowing we had someone to lean on. We were each other’s rock. Our friendship grew stronger and stronger and as she listened to the stories of my marriage, she kept saying that these stories could become be a book and it has now become a reality. As we jotted down the things that had happened in my marriage, she was shocked that I had gone through so much. We…

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Dale Wiley Answers Our Burning Questions about ‘Southern Gothic’ and Anderson Cooper!

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Southern Gothic by Dale Wiley (Vesuvian Media) is on sale now and if we’re being honest, it’s a pretty interesting read with an intriguing plot and an ending that will knock your socks off! Want to know more about how Wiley came up with the idea for the novel and what Anderson Cooper has to do with the story?! Find out below. BookTrib: What inspired you to write Southern Gothic? Dale Wiley: I really didn’t have any ideas jumping out at me, and I just decided to try to write a book I would have loved to read. I loved playing with the novel within a novel, and I loved trying to work within the tradition of a “southern” novel. BT:…

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