This author left the Congo in 1980 for the United States to become a commercial pilot, but when that didn’t materialize he became a real estate agent with a propensity for successfully flipping and rehabbing houses. By the early 2000s, he had laid the foundations of a business, forming the core of an efficient system that converts high-end traffic using solo ads and email marketing.

Today, Valentin Luboya is retired, but he stays active in his pursuit to help others attain wealth and financial freedom with the method that he found so gratifying. He discusses his life and that strategy in his book, The Wealth 2021: The Key to a Sustainable Lifestyle; Build Your Online Empire (Paramount Publishing).

While the author doesn’t hand out all the cookies in the cupboard, he explains the necessary mindset and motivations to succeed and outlines a general entrepreneurial strategy to become owner of an online business.

“The economic disadvantages of this virus have shaken many families to their foundations,” Luboya writes. “People have lost their jobs, food to eat, clothes to wear… But is it necessary for you to go out to be able to support your household? I don’t think so!”


He says many platforms can be used to start a business, and this book acts as a guide in which the author shares methods, approaches and lessons learned throughout his life.

“The primary purpose of this book is to allow readers to understand how they can accumulate wealth.”

Luboya says many people think acquiring wealth is a “unique and alien concept” that could take years of hard work. But he believes, “Great things begin where your comfort ends.”

The author offers three basic steps to an online business plan: identify a profitable niche, create a website to gain emails of potential visitors and formulate a list to which you can market relevant products. 

Perhaps easier said than done: Luboya cites the example of Amazon as a business that recognized the potential of an online sales entity, began as a simple source to sell books and then branched into a variety of product areas with large buyer channels. His solution is not going to make anyone the next Jeff Bezos, but it gets readers pondering product areas of need and ways to set up ecommerce mechanisms. You need to think about scalability and originality.


Consider identifying a small segment in which you’d like to sell, rather than trying to be all things to all people, and that segment should lead you to assess potential clients. Luboya recommends studying the Amazon Best Sellers Ranking and looking for products in the range of 100 to 6,000 in the high-level category, meaning they are selling but are not excessively competitive.

In the end, do you have what it takes to be wealthy? Luboya defines the habits of millionaires: read daily to learn more, set goals and be ready for a change, compliment others, accept mistakes, talk about ideas, continuously learn more, want more and take responsibility for failures.

Does this sound like you? Could it sound like you? Read The Wealth 2021 and see if it points you on your way.

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Valentin Luboya is an experienced real estate investor, web promoter, author and tutor, helping people start a business on the web. His life was a transformative journey beginning in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He came to the United States in the 1980s on a student visa to be a commercial pilot, but he will be the first to tell you that life is filled with surprises. Learn more at