Inspired, intelligent and life-changing, Original Wisdom (Halo Publishing International) is not one of those preachy self-help books with “a cure for anything that ails ya.” It’s the real deal. Author Donna Bond has generously offered herself as a spiritual guide and her book as a gift. And if you can curl up on your couch on a rainy afternoon or head to the beach and trust in the process, you will find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

But who needs a pot of gold when everything you will ever need is in the rainbow buried deep within yourself? When you find that you can manifest your desires? But what are your desires? With Bond’s help, you will find your “original wisdom,” what is true in you, that “inherent intelligence in all of us rooted in unconditional love.”   

Bond does not talk at you. Instead, she takes your hand and strolls through a quiet forest of evergreens, recognizing the magic and joy in the universe as an energetic being. She does not jar you awake with slogans and promises. She nudges your shoulder gently, awakening you with chapters like “The Power Within,” “Everything Is Energy” and “Your Beliefs Create your World.” When that happens, miracles and grace will change how you engage with life as multi-dimensional with the power to transform judgment into acceptance and arrogance into humility.


Fear is something that I struggle with, avoiding it when I can. In her chapter “The Alchemy of Fear,” Bond describes it as “relentless and persistent but not something to be ignored or fought because fear wants to be noticed and acknowledged.” This is just one piece of advice that I found especially helpful, but Bond has plenty more to offer.

In the chapter “The Responsibility of ‘I AM,’” you will find ways to engage yourself as part of the web of life, not just a lonely strand. By the time you get to Chapter 10, “Radical Acceptance as the Path to Self-Love,” your intuition and listening skills will be elevated, and sacred truths revealed. Peppered throughout the book are exercises that you can do and what Bond calls “Sacred Truth Activations,” which are like prayers to reaffirm your newfound knowledge. 

Actions speak louder than words, and people from all over the world seek out Bond’s guidance through her spiritual retreats and lectures. She is a coach, teacher and leader who values compassionate self-care and has created a coaching program that marries professional and spiritual life in corporate settings with the goal of instilling conscientious leadership. This is precisely the kind of worldview that corporations need moving forward, and Bond has the vision to tap into that. 


My point here is this: Do not be afraid to pick up this book because you work in corporate America and think she’ll talk you out of your choices. Bond took that leap of faith and left a stellar career in the hotel industry to become a self-described “soul-centered catalyst for other’s personal transformation” so that you don’t have to. However, she will help you find the “secret recipe” to enhance your success in all facets of your life by tapping into your “original wisdom” so that you become aligned with the energies of the universe. 

I’ve read many self-help books (clearly, I need a lot of self-help), but this one worked for two reasons. First, Bond integrates and shares her own personal epiphanies as a catalyst for writing this book. Second, her commitment to pursue an MA in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, California. Bond does not play. The research is impressive. This book is an extension of the spiritual journeys of many writers, scientists and philosophers that have come before. It’s an adventure and a very personal journey. 

Now, where did I put the herbal tea?


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About Donna Bond:

Donna Bond, M.A., is a Soul-centered catalyst for personal transformation. An Igniter of Light, she serves as an author, a speaker, a spiritual life and business coach, and a personal transformation consultant. Supporting individual transformation of consciousness, she helps clients across the globe evolve into new heights of meaningful success, personal fulfillment, and spiritual aliveness. She and her husband, award-winning oil painter Paul Bond, live part-time in both Southern California and Costa Rica with their two cats, Mystic and Rumi.