Told from the perspective of a national security background, Untamed Equality by Todd A. Weiler seeks to address and provide solutions for the inequalities that we see every day but may look right past. The author’s debut book defines the elements that move us beyond the norm and into a society and world that seeks, celebrates and leverages inclusion. It promotes a future where the realization of inclusion and equality drives safety and security. Read our full review of the book here.

In this recent Q&A, Weiler elaborated on the concepts in his book.

Q: The concept of untamed equality is the next step we need to make to overcome the barriers that divide us as a nation and give all of its people the opportunity to participate fully as members of our society. Could you summarize for our readers the difference between “untamed equality” and its “tamer” cousins?

A: There are many forms of equality recognition that we see occurring all of the time. It may be in the form of education, training and recognition in businesses or government agencies, but these are what I call “tamed.” They require little real effort to change. Untamed, on the other hand, moves to the next level — from accomplishment recognition onto implementation of the next level; untamed is based in action, rather than words.

Q: In your book, you link untamed equality with safety and national security. It’s a unique angle that comes from your unique perspective. How does untamed equality help ensure safety and security?

A: In a place where everyone is recognized for their contributions to the greater society, where they are not struggling just to be treated as humans, where everyone is held to account based on their actions, this is a place where security is strong. Inclusion removes much of the separation that fuels hatred and an unsecure community. 

Q: You have a well-thought-out plan for how to make the military more inclusive and appealing as a career choice. If you were to return to the Pentagon tomorrow, what would be your first order of business and why?

A: I would immediately work to reinstate our policies for transgender service and improve on those policies, as well as immediately reinstitute the protections for transgender children of service members. Then we would begin the work to remove more barriers to service, for those who meet the requirements.

Q: The insights your book is based upon comes from a long career in the military, business and government. You have many impressive accomplishments. Which would you say you feel proudest of?

A: There are many proud moments in my life, but those where I have been given the honor to help people are at the pinnacle of my life experiences. Whether protecting trans kids, creating programs to help single soldiers, or working with wounded warriors, these opportunities remain prominent in my heart and mind.

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Todd A. Weiler is a combat veteran, national security leader and activist in the gay community. His work in and out of the Pentagon has promoted major equality issues, allowing more people the opportunity to serve. Weiler entered the senior ranks of the Pentagon at the young age of 28 and has been helping service members and their families ever since. He is the recipient of numerous military and civilian decorations and is a graduate of Texas Christian University. Most importantly, Weiler and his husband are the proud fathers of a growing boy, whom they hope will witness a better world of Untamed Equality.