Beautiful Girl in a Restaurant: Chad, darling, you must taste this risotto. It’s absolutely to die for.

(She loads some onto a fork and romantically aeroplanes it into the mouth of the Smelly Smoker.)

Smelly Smoker: Oh, Gwen, you know these risottos all just taste like boiled rice!

Beautiful Girl: I’m sick of this, Chad! It’s all the time with you. I work hard so you can do your crummy little drawings all day long, and all I want in return is to go to a nice dinner with my lover and have a beautiful meal, enjoying the rich complexities of the flavors of Chef’s incredible risotto. And you, you stupid idiot – smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke. Risotto is incredible, it is delicious. I need a real man.

Now go color an image of the scene we just described.

Welcome to The Quit Smoking Colouring Book from Lost The Plot, the innovative Australian imprint of Pantera Press which is currently bringing its titles to the U.S. market. The book was created by Martin Green and written by Oliver Olds.

Equal parts disgusting, insulting, offensive and confronting, The Quit Smoking Colouring Book is a funny take on a perilously unfunny situation. The books offer visually stunning illustrations to color and confront your dirty habit head on, with images like tongue cancer or a beautifully detailed hole in the throat.

You smell like an ashtray.

Along with humorously impolite prose, this book is littered with thought-provoking facts, like how smoking can waste 7,200 hours in five years. It is also filled with inspiring information and delightful poetry. For example: “If your teeth are quite brown and smell like a bum, if you’re down in the dumps ‘bout your bloody gums, if you’re sick of your mouth looking like an ass, then tell the next ciggie, ‘Thanks, but I’ll pass.'”

The book is not written in a kind or sympathetic voice to smokers. In fact, each page berates them in one way or another – your hands, your eyes, your face, your gut, your heart, your teeth, you name it (I think your feet escape unscathed).

In a nutshell, the book is screaming out to its subjects: Here’s how smoking damages parts of your body, you filthy mess. Now go color it in!

While smokers may not necessarily cough their way to bookstores to pick up a copy, The Quit Smoking Colouring Book is seen as the perfect gift to poke some fun at your smoking friends and at the same time remind them of the hazards of their deadly habit. And of course, that you care and are there to support them.

Or, as the book says, “Stub out the stick, pick up a pen and with every stroke you’ll be one step closer to living a healthier life.”

The Quit Smoking Colouring Book is now available to purchase.

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