When I first heard about Lost the Plot, the innovative imprint publisher of Australian firm Pantera Press that is making its foray into the United States, I thought: cute name, cuter logo, and left it at that….until tasked with the assignment of reviewing two of its titles about dating and sex.

Suddenly it all made sense.

Consider: Just the Tip: Sex Tips for Chicks by Gay Dudes, and #Single: Dating in the 21st Century by nobody in particular.

But first things first: let’s consider Lost the Plot.

“Imagination unplugged. Prepare to enter a world that straddles the lines of art, luxury, gauche and gross,” their website reads. “Lost the Plot tackles topics that affect and engage the next generation of readers leaders while cutting through the bullshit.”

Got it? Not yet? “Packed with content that entertains, provokes thought and debate, or simply makes you laugh. Fun, fierce and factual – Lost the Plot aspires to spark change with innovative projects that enable the next generation of voices and artists to be heard. Lost the Plot doesn’t conform to convention. Unplug, unfollow and leave the screen behind.”

And as we found, the two fascinating books we are about to tell you about, well, have no plots.

Let’s go in reverse order: we’ll start with sex and then get to dating.

I made one mistake: In trying to research the book, I Googled “Just the Tip by Gay Dudes.” I found, ahem, plenty, but not what I was looking for.

So I jumped into the book itself. Actually, before I did, I considered the premise: gay guys offering a bunch of sex tips for girls to implement on their guys. Why hadn’t somebody thought of this before?

Getting back to Google, Lost the Plot explains the logic,  “There are only so many sex-related questions you can ask Google before your browser history explodes and you’ve scarred your retina with too many dodgy, and frankly quite disturbing, image search results. Worry no more, we went directly to the experts on everything ‘man-junk’ to bust some myths, get some tips and learn a lot more.”

Just the Tip is a hilarious, dirty and wonderfully informative book, featuring many tips from mild to wild. A nice take-home message from the book is that at the end of the day, everything comes back to the importance of chemistry.

Nothing is off limits in this book, covering a range of basic, adventurous and taboo topics, including:

  • Etiquette, kissing, spooning and sex
  • The penis, hand jobs, testicles and oral sex
  • The perineum, butt play, anal sex and play time

The 176 tips offered start relatively mellow: #2 – Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable; and #3 — Safety first. Subsequent advice is more hands-on (sorry) and less philosophical. The final segment, on compatibility, reinforces some important concepts: sex is dialogue; don’t be afraid to say no; don’t be nervous to suggest new things; sexual chemistry is key, and sleep compatibility is just as important as sex compatibility.

A second hilarious and plot-less work is #Single: Dating in the 21st Century, a collection of online dating conversations that can probably be consumed in half an hour.

From bad pick-up lines to death threats and awkward sexcapades, #Single is a LOL snapshot of some of the most ridiculous real-life online dating exchanges.

Lost the Plot even offers their own testimonials:

“Definitely giving this to all my friends who have (or, are) suffering through online dating.” – Everyone I’ve ever met

“The perfect book to shove in the face of anyone who has ever asked ‘Why are you still single?’” – My next door neighbor, Fran

This book is a must-read if you match any of the below criteria:

      • You are currently online dating
      • You have online dated
      • You will online date in your future
      • You are a smug couple
      • You worry your child is a spinster/bachelor for life
      • You like to laugh
      • You are a Jewish mother
      • You like to breathe and live and stuff

Here are a few sample online conversations to give you an idea:

Person One: Can I take you out for coffee this week?

Person Two: That’s not how you spell beer.


Person One: If you looked up the word “beautiful” in the dictionary, there would be a photo of you.

Person Two: That’s unusual.

Person One: What, you can’t take a compliment?

Person Two: No, I meant the dictionary isn’t generally a picture book.

One more:

Person One: LOL

Person Two: You have a beautiful laugh.

We concur. LOL

Just the Tip: Sex Tips for Chicks and #Single: Dating in the 21st Century are now available to purchase.

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