I knew, the minute I met Chase in Blush for Me that he needed his own hot love story! Chase is the kind of guy that makes most of us grin. He’s charming, sexy, and almost cavalier about his attractiveness. We can’t help but love him, and he knows it. Well, everyone but Maura, that is. He’s met his match in this independent, alluring woman. I can’t wait for you to see how their story unfolds!

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In writing The Italian Party I wanted to transport you to summer 1956: zippy scooters, wine-soaked lunches, breathtaking landscapes. As I did my research, I—and my characters—discovered a more complex truth about Italy and about America. A young American couple arrive in Siena with secrets of their own, and uncover even more. Come join the party! I’m giving away five copies. Email trademarketing@stmartins.com for a chance to win! Visit my website: http://christinalynchwriter.com/


Two strangers.
One wedding in paradise.
No invitation.

What is supposed to be an innocent trip, a few days laying out on the beach turns into a lust-filled, whirlwind paradise fling. But when it’s time to say goodbye, there is one person who isn’t quite ready to part ways. Swoony, romantic, heart-filled, and hilarious. This ADVENTUROUS romantic comedy full of heart, humor and, heat will make you HAVE ALL THE FEELS!

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