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  I knew, the minute I met Chase in Blush for Me that he needed his own hot love story! Chase is the kind of guy that makes most of us grin. He’s charming, sexy, and almost cavalier about his attractiveness. We can’t help but love him, and he knows it. Well, everyone but Maura, that is. He’s met his match in this independent, alluring woman. I can’t wait for you to see how their story unfolds! Please write to [email protected] to win one of five copies http://www.1001darknights.com/kristen-proby-no-reservations/   In writing The Italian Party I wanted to transport you to summer 1956: zippy scooters, wine-soaked lunches, breathtaking landscapes. As I did my research, I—and my characters—discovered a more complex truth about Italy and about America. A…

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