Barnes and Noble recently did an independent survey on reading habits, and it turns out that the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest reading day of the year! Many of us leaf through the pages of our favorite novels over the Thanksgiving holiday season to relax. Reading also makes traveling better, with over 75% of the American population finishing one book, magazine, or other literary publication over the holiday travels.

If you thought reading couldn’t possibly get any better after all that, the survey also revealed that one-in-four Americans will bring along a book to avoid awkward family situations. We’ve all been there (let’s be honest here, folks), but admittedly, bringing along a book for that exact purpose might be a new one.

Basically, reading is a superpower, and books are amazing. If you want some great recommendations, take a look at our list of new releases that come out each Tuesday; we have some great cookbooks, dessert selections, and books on wine for the holidays, as well, if you feel like making something interesting and new for Thanksgiving!

Also think about stopping into one of your local or independent bookstores – usually, they’ve got great deals going on, and there’s nothing wrong with a good used, well-loved book. is a great site that helps you locate the local booksellers around you!

So, with Thanksgiving Eve about to be upon us, remember to pour a glass or mug of your favorite beverage, grab a great book and a blanket, and take some time to de-stress!

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