Every Tuesday, Booktrib brings you The Hot List: a list of the best new releases for the week, and this week, we have six books that everyone is talking about, and looking forward to reading. Authors like John Green and Alice Hoffman both have new books, and we know you don’t want to miss out on those. From miracles and mysteries to psychological thrillers sure to keep you on edge, here are the new releases for this week.

Turtles All the Way DownJohn Green

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Hailed as the “Most Anticipated” book of 2017, New York Times Bestselling Author John Green is back with a new book. When billionaire Russell Pickett goes missing amid rumors of fraud and bribery, Aza and her best friend Daisy set out to find him, and subsequently collect the $100,000 reward. Things don’t exactly go to plan with multiple dead ends, and Aza starting to fall in love with the mission billionaire’s son, who is still mourning the death of his mother. This book not only provides a twisted mystery to solve, but also focuses on relationships, and mental health. We’ve been looking forward to this release for a while, and it’s as every bit as brilliant as you think it is.


The Rules of Magic: A Novel, Alice Hoffman

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Practical Magic, one of the most beloved bestsellers ever, finally has a prequel. In New York City, on the verge of the 60s, Susanna Owens knows she has to set down rules for her three children: Franny, with pale skin and blood red hair; Jet, shy and able to read people’s thoughts; and Vincent, handsome and looking for trouble since day one. But Susanna’s rules are a bit different than most mother’s rules: don’t walk in moonlight, no red shoes, and never fall in love. When the three siblings visit their Aunt Isabelle in Massachusetts, they start to the learn about secrets, legacy, and the family curse. Old fans of Practical Magic, as well as new fans, will love this book.


The Invisible Life of Euridice GusmaoMartha Batalha

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Set in 1940s Rio de Janiero, this book is vibrant and very human. Euridice has everything on her side: youth, beauty, and ambition. But when her sister Guida elopes, Euridice swears to settle down as a perfect wife and daughter, putting aside her own wants. Married to a traditional-thinking husband, Euridice’s restlessness only increases as the success of her husband’s profession grows; even when she starts taking on secret projects, each one fails. But when Guida shows up on her door one day with a young son and a story of loss and abandonment, Euridice and Guida must find their independence, and discover who they really are.


 All the Crooked Saints, Maggie Stiefvater

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In the heart of Bicho Raro, Colorado, is the Soria family, who possess the ability to perform unusual miracles, and the three Soria cousins are no exception. But Beatriz, called the ‘girl without feelings’ just wants to be left alone to examine her own mind and thoughts; Joaquin wants to be a famous radio DJ, but for now runs around the desert with an illegal radio station he DJ’s under the name Diablo Diablo; and Daniel, the Saint, performs miracles for everyone but himself. But when two strangers arrive, everything changes, because the miracles they’re looking for never turn out the way you expect. Rich, mysterious, and full of life, you won’t want to miss this one for anything.


This Darkness Mine, Mindy McGinnis

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Sasha Stone knows exactly how hard she has to work to keep her perfect life: playing first-chair clarinet, standing next to her Oxford-wearing boyfriend, and at the top of her class. But Isaac Harver seems determined to change the script. He acts like he knows her – really knows her – even though she’s never met him before. When Sasha finds out that she she absorbed her twin sister in the womb, she’s shocked; but that doesn’t even begin to explain the gaps of missing time, and sudden memories she has of things she’s never done with Isaac. If you’re looking for something psychological, definitely pick this one up, because it will play mind games with you.


Here in Berlin: A Novel, by Cristina García

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Here in Berlin is a beautiful snapshot of the city; an unnamed visitor brings her camera with her to Berlin, and is swept up in the lives and stories of the people she meets there: the son of a zookeeper fighting to keep the animals safe from war, a young Cuban taken as a POW on a German submarine, and Berlin itself, the city as much a character as any person the narrator meets. A well written book on people, war, and mystery, each encounter the unnamed visitor, and the reader has, is wonderfully human: equally gritty, hard to bear, joyful, and fascinating.


Also released this week is Nine Lessons by Nicola Upson, and Never Coming Back, by Alison McGhee.

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