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‘Each Life Can Teach Us’: Bestselling Author Steven Gaines on Memoir Writing

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Why are so many people writing memoirs? Expiation? Ego? Money? Revenge?  One reason is that access to social media has given the average citizen the misimpression that people care what they had for lunch. Andy Warhol was wrong when he said in the future everybody was going to be famous for 15 minutes. The future is here, and everybody is famous for 15 seconds, the length of time it takes to write a 140 character Tweet, or to post a vacation photo on Instagram, or catalog moods, movie reviews, and bad affairs on Facebook. The ease of publishing Print on Demand books, and ebooks, has given all of us a shot at being Proust.    A while ago I rang…

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Overnight Celebrities: Flipping Social Media Fame Into Bestsellers

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Social media has been the new route to fame and celebrity for nearly a decade.  Following the path led by the Kardashians, a bumper crop of internet famous celebrities have also parlayed their newfound popularity into something more.  If pink is the new black, then books are the new market for social media stars to conquer.  Our favorites from YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms have not only started writing books, they are turning these books into bestsellers.  Poignant reflections, riveting horror, laugh-out-loud funny, and tough coming-of-age stories abound in this list of fresh and exciting books by the social media famous that are soon-to-be all the rage online and in stores!   Mirror, Mirror: A Novel, Cara Delevingne From international supermodel-turned-actress, known for…

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