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Steven Gaines
Steven Gaines is the author of 'Philistines at the Hedgerow: Passion and Property in the Hamptons,' and 'Simply Halston,' the biography of the fashion designer, among other books. His journalism has appeared in Vanity Fair, the New York Observer, the New York Times, and New York magazine, where he was a contributing editor for 12 years. His weekly radio interview show, Sunday Brunch Live from the American Hotel in Sag Harbor aired during the summer and fall months on a local National Public Radio affiliate for seven years. His most recent book is a memoir, 'One of These Things First' and is available on Amazon.

Steven Gaines: ‘At What Age Should a Writer Stop Writing?’

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Last week, I was in a book store when I overheard three young men in their late-twenties making fun of the photo of Tom Wolfe on the back cover of his book Back to Blood. Sacrilege. Alas, the photo was a little silly. It was typical showman Wolfe, dressed in his trademark white suit and tie, a snazzy hat in hand. He’s 84 years old now, and he looked a bit more like a geezer in a costume instead of his usual debonair self. But who cares what Tom Wolfe looks like as long as it’s another great book? “I didn’t know he was still writing,” one of the guys sniffed. “He’s too old.” Too old? For what? So, in a Larry David…

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‘Each Life Can Teach Us’: Bestselling Author Steven Gaines on Memoir Writing

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Why are so many people writing memoirs? Expiation? Ego? Money? Revenge?  One reason is that access to social media has given the average citizen the misimpression that people care what they had for lunch. Andy Warhol was wrong when he said in the future everybody was going to be famous for 15 minutes. The future is here, and everybody is famous for 15 seconds, the length of time it takes to write a 140 character Tweet, or to post a vacation photo on Instagram, or catalog moods, movie reviews, and bad affairs on Facebook. The ease of publishing Print on Demand books, and ebooks, has given all of us a shot at being Proust.    A while ago I rang…

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