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Online Dating Advice for the Newly Separated “Bennifer”

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Cheer up, Ben and Jennifer; I know, divorce hurts. But the best thing you can do for yourselves right now is to climb back up on that horse. And for my money, the best way you can do that is online dating. “Online dating?” you’re asking. “Isn’t that kind of creepy and weird?” Well, yes, now and then it can be. But not nearly as much as you might think. Most of the time, it can be a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people. And there are a LOT of people to meet online. More than 40 million of the 124 million single adults in the United States have used online dating—and many of them have…

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Defining her destiny in the face of domestic violence

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Domestic violence still happens far too often. Despite national attention, it happens in homes every day in every state in our country. One out of every four women will experience domestic violence during their lifetime. I am one of those women. My story of abuse began at age 19. It ended when I was 23. Between those years I was kicked, slammed, punched, and spit on. I was told I was worthless and called names no one should be called. What my abuser didn’t know was that he was giving me the seeds of strength to excel in my life after the violence. He didn’t know he was providing me the courage to help many other abused women throughout my…

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Video: Missed It? Live Interview with Angie Hallier, Author of The Wiser Divorce

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  ABOUT THE WISER DIVORCE THE WISER DIVORCE: Positive Strategies for Your Next Best Life is about realistic strategies and positive solutions. Divorce is never an easy time, but going into it prepared can make the difference between just surviving and achieving your Next Best Life. Attorney Angie Hallier, managing partner of Hallier & Lawrence, Certified Family Law Specialist and judge pro tempore, discusses how to talk to your children, find the right attorney, watch the bottom line and keep courts and judges from controlling your destiny. You can achieve the optimal outcome at the end of the legal process and move forward with hope as an individual and as a family. The Wiser Divorce is possible. ABOUT THE AUTHOR…

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