The Ins and Outs of My Vagina: A Penetrating Memoir (Gmk Writing and Editing, Inc) by Karin Freeland could be the poster-child for an updated catchphrase, “don’t judge a book by its title.” That’s because this memoir goes far deeper than you’d imagine. Oh no, is everything going to be interpreted as sexual innuendo? Well, if it brings a smile to your face and a little more knowledge to your life, that’s alright. Get yourself a book that does both, right?

The book is highly entertaining, as you might suspect from the tongue-in-cheek title. The author coaxes us close, even closer … still closer … you get the idea. Her colloquial tell-all is endearing, hilarious and perhaps most importantly, informative. If you don’t know much about your, to overcompensate, nether region, you’re definitely not alone. You’re in good company, and you’ll feel seen in this book. Once the embarrassment has turned to empowerment, you’ll then learn everything you need to know to live your best life. It’s even earned a glowing 5-Star Book Review today from Readers’ Favorite! But we quite like ours; read our review here.

Q: Reading the book almost feels like reading someone’s diary – was it easy for you to share so many private and embarrassing moments?

A: No, it definitely didn’t come naturally. When I started writing it was actually more for me than anything, which is probably why it feels so much like a diary in many chapters. I wasn’t sure I’d even publish until I shared it with a male cousin who read it in one sitting. He told me he laughed, cried and could relate to every story. I knew in that moment I had something special. After I finished writing, I took a little hiatus to really think about what to do next. I was having second thoughts, worried that other women and moms would judge me or I’d embarrass family. However, I knew that I had to share this story. If it could help even a few women not feel alone it would be worth it!

Q: At what point did you decide to make your vagina an actual character in the book (named “V”)?

A: Ha! That idea emerged during a brainstorming session with my editor, Gary. I absolutely loved the idea of having her “speak.” She doesn’t get introduced until Part 2 when I’m entering high school and my hormones begin to rage. It was the perfect time to have her blossom onto the scene. Since I had already written most of the first draft, it made the second draft really fun to edit. I was able to find ways to creatively weave her in and add more dimension to the tales. I think readers will have fun assigning their own voice to V’s.

Q: Did you ever consider going with a more traditional book title, or were you all in from start to finish with The Ins and Outs of My Vagina?

A: It’s funny you say that. Not that this is more traditional but, the original title was I Don’t Know My Vagina, because a number of the stories I share are about how clueless I was when it came to my lady bits. I don’t know about anyone else, but vaginas are tricky. One day you’re having a mind-blowing experience with your partner and the next you’re doing the same thing but it feels more like a snooze fest! How is that possible? Anyway, the new title was born in a hot, sweaty gym during my son’s wrestling practice. Another mother just shouted out The Ins and Outs of My Vagina and a lightbulb went off. I added the subtitle and never looked back. Go big or go home, right?!

Q: The book is very funny, but life isn’t always so funny. You also share some more serious and painful moments. What’s easier for you to write about and why?

A: Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t a source of pleasure and happiness 24/7. I felt it was important to share it all: the good, the funny, the gross and the sad. Miscarriage is another taboo subject that women are usually too embarrassed to talk about or shamed if they do talk about it. It’s totally natural and we shouldn’t have to suffer through these experiences alone. I never told anyone, except my boss and parents, about my ectopic pregnancy, partly because I didn’t want to be pitied and partly because I didn’t know what to say. So, I don’t think one was easier to write about than the other, but I found those chapters to be very therapeutic. Maybe it was my way of memorializing my baby?

Q: What would you say your writing is influenced by? Are there particular authors, comedians, celebrities, etc. that resonate with you?

A: I love the art of storytelling so I’d say one of my biggest influences was Margot Leitman. I just happened to be reading her book while I was writing my second draft and it gave me so many good ideas for how to further develop my characters. 

Q: What do you hope readers take away from reading the book?

A: That the word vagina isn’t so scary after all! Seriously though, I hope readers find their power and their voice after reading, not only in the bedroom but in the doctor’s office, too. If you aren’t satisfied with something or feel like something is wrong, speak up! I also hope women stop comparing themselves to others. I hope they will relive their story as they read mine. I also hope women will learn a thing or two and gain insights about stages of life they haven’t experienced yet. I think women will also look back on their experiences and have a new appreciation for all they have been through. Finally, I hope they will see how I left corporate to follow my dreams and that if they have a dream they can follow it, too!

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After years in high-pressure leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, Karin Freeland traded the boardroom for the bedroom. She hopes her book, The Ins and Outs of My Vagina: A Penetrating Memoir, will relate to women of all ages as it covers stories about first-times, long-term commitments and discovering oneself. Karin is also a speaker and certified Life & Reinvention Coach, focused on helping women transform their lives and achieve their dreams. Through her signature program, she offers one-on-one coaching, giving women all the tools and techniques needed to conquer fears and find their purpose.