Hello, book lovers! Summer is in full swing and the new releases just won’t quit! The queen of the modern-day romance, Jasmine Guillory, has a sexy and not-so-fake love story making its red carpet premiere. Grady Hendrix is confronting horror film franchises in his latest. Plus, Colson Whitehead, the only consecutive two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author, gave the inside scoop on his work to 60 Minutes. That’s a lot of excitement for one week, and that’s just the start. So, without further ado, enjoy this mix of stories from the book world.

Two-Time Pulitzer Winner Colson Whitehead on 60 Minutes: One of only four writers to win the esteemed Pulitzer, and the only to win for consecutive novels, Whitehead opens up about his process. — CBS News

Jasmine Guillory’s While We Were Dating Is a Red Carpet Ready Rom-Com: What happens when an actress on the rise needs a boyfriend to push her image from A-list to superstar? — BookTrib

Read the Earliest-Known Surviving Letter of Author Shirley Jackson: At just 21, she writes to her future husband, Stanley Edgar Hyman, just a few months after meeting. — The Paris Review

Emmy-Nominated Bridgerton Director to Develop Vanessa Riley’s Island Queen for TV: Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh will executive produce the project that brings the story of historical figure Dorothy “Doll” Kirwan Thomas to the screen. — Deadline

A Rhino, Expats in Africa and Nazi Memorabilia Make for Wicked Fun in Embassy Wife: A wry exposé on foreign politics, Katie Crouch crafts an unputdownable satire for the sweltering days of summer. — BookTrib

Grady Hendrix Takes on a Classic Horror Movie Trope in The Final Girls Support Group: Hendrix says, “The franchise is the unstoppable killer who always gets the final girl in the end. The franchise is the monster.” — Rolling Stone

GQ Columnist Sophia Benoit Navigates Adulting in Well, This Is Exhausting: An excruciatingly funny memoir in essays, Benoit’s book entertains with its message of personal empowerment. — BookTrib

15 Books for Readers Who Grew Up With The Babysitters Club: Featuring both eye-opening nonfiction about the era of the beloved series and contemporary fiction, these reads tap into something memorable. — The Rumpus

8 Historical Thrillers From Around the World: Filled with political intrigue and deadly consequences, these tales prove danger is universal. — BookTrib

Got a Bad Case of FOMO When it Comes to Reading? Don’t miss out on any book club picks with this comprehensive July list. — Book Riot

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