“A relentlessly riveting tale that hones in on our greatest fears and takes us right to the brink in breathless fashion.” — Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author


What would happen if all the major bridges in the U.S. were bombed, all commerce came to a dead stop, and the nation’s natural resources, like our water supply, were cut off? 

The importance of protecting America’s critical infrastructure has rarely been depicted so powerfully as in Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman’s new fast-paced thriller, Red Deception (Beaufort Books), the follow-up to 2019’s Red Hotel (our review here). And it’s a timely read, considering President Biden’s current emphasis on improving the nation’s infrastructure. Especially because Fuller and Grossman’s novel posits a scenario that could potentially destroy much of that infrastructure. 


Our hero, former U.S. Army intelligence officer Dan Reilly, predicted terrorist attacks on our infrastructure in a report written for the State Department years earlier. It was supposed to be top secret. And it was — until it was somehow exposed to unsavory characters who put it in the hands of foreign operatives. Now it’s the basis of plans for destruction.  

When the plans are set into motion, Washington scrambles to address several domestic crises at once, and with attention diverted away from international affairs, Russian President Nicolai Gorshkov takes the opportunity to send troops into Latvia and Ukraine to reclaim some of Russia’s former territory. 

To end the chaos, Dan Reilly has to maneuver within a vast Russian spy network and some of those closest to him may actually be working for the Russian president. He’s also got reporters on his tail, but he may be the only thing standing between the nation’s safety and a determined effort to create an even bigger cataclysm.


Packed with action scenes and brimming with spies, sexpionage, counter-spies and unlikely heroes, this riveting geopolitical thriller will have you guessing until the very last page and continuously surprised by every turn of events. 

And as for the viability of such events? Edward Bradstreet, a Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security calls the novel a “worst-case scenario” that “provides an in-depth and realistic ground-level view of the type of asymmetric Nation-state sponsored threats faced by the agencies tasked with protecting the United States both domestically and abroad.”

If that doesn’t give you cause for alarm, we’re not sure what will. Let’s just hope that this novel in and of itself doesn’t provide a blueprint for would-be terrorists in the real world.

Learn more about the book in our interview with the authors, and also check out the BookTrib author profile pages for Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman.


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About Ed Fuller:

ED FULLER is CEO of Laguna Strategic Advisors, a global consortium providing business consulting services worldwide. He has served on business and charitable boards during his 40-year career with Marriott International where he was chief marketing officer followed by 22 years as president and managing director of Marriott International. Under his management, the international division grew from 16 to 550 hotels in 73 countries with 80,000 associates and sales of $8 billion. Upon retirement, Fuller has served on five university boards and taught as adjunct professor for MBA and undergraduate students. He blogged for Forbes and other tourism and lodging industry media. His book, You Can’t Lead with Your Feet on the Desk, has been printed in English, Japanese and Chinese. Fuller served as captain in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany and Vietnam and received the Bronze Star and the Army Commendation medals. He and Gary Grossman are co-authors of the Red Hotel series, including the 2018 thriller Red Hotel and the 2021 release, Red Deception, soon to be followed by Red Chaos. 

GARY GROSSMAN is a journalist, newspaper columnist, documentary television producer, reporter, media historian and the author of Executive Actions, Executive Treason, Executive Command, and Executive Force. In addition to the bestselling Executive series, Grossman wrote the international award-winning Old Earth, a geological thriller. With Ed Fuller, Grossman has collaborated on the globe-hopping Red Hotel series. Grossman has contributed to the New York Times and the Boston Globe, and was a columnist for the Boston Herald American.  He covered presidential campaigns for WBZ-TV in Boston. A multiple Emmy series and specials for networks including NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, History Channel, Discovery and National Geographic Channel.  He served as chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors, and is a member of the International Thriller Writers Association and Military Writers Society of America.  He is a trustee at Emerson College and serves on the Boston University Metropolitan College Advisory Board.  Grossman has taught at Emerson College, Boston University, USC, and currently teaches at Loyola Marymount University.