Gary Grossman


Ripped from the headlines, Emmy-winning producer gives insider’s look at the intersects of terrorism, CIA, and world politics.

Gary Grossman is a multiple Emmy Award-winning television producer and author of the bestselling international political thrillers Executive Actions, Executive Treason, Executive Command, Executive Force, and Old Earth. He has also written two highly regarded non-fiction books on TV history.  Grossman has been published by Dell/Delacorte, Byron Preiss Publishing, Diversion Books, Harlequin, Arlington House, and CBS/Popular Library.  He has produced for NBC News, served as a columnist for the Boston Herald American, written for the Boston Globe and contributed to the New York Times. Grossman is Contributing Editor to Media Ethics Magazine and has produced more than 10,000 television programs for 40 networks. He’s a member of the International Thriller Writers Association, the Military Writers Society of America, and the Caucus for Producers, Writers, and Directors.

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RED HOTEL (March 19, 2019)




OLD EARTH (2016)


Red Hotel, a terrific, fast-paced, stylish, eye-opening spy thriller, with a knowing, insider’s look at the intersects of terrorism, the CIA, and world politics. Ripped right from the headlines, Red Hotel will forever change the way you look at hotels and use the phrase,’ road warrior.’”

— Bruce Feirstein, James Bond screenwriter,
Vanity Fair contributing editor, bestselling author

“Red Hotel is a cutting-edge story about very real targets all around us. A real-world drama that doesn’t just suggest what might happen, but is telling us what is beginning to happen right now!”

— Peter Greenberg, CBS News travel editor

“Baldacci, Brown, and Cussler: make room for Grossman and Fuller, and check into Red Hotel! It’s the year’s most eye-opening international thriller with a true wake-up call for everyone who travels anywhere. Page by page, the exciting plot delivers an inside-out view of the moving parts that make up the ever-changing geopolitical map.”

— Roger Dow, president and CEO,
U.S. Travel Association

“Take a deep breath, jump into this novel scenario from authors Fuller and Grossman. I dare you to try to go to sleep tonight once you begin.”

— Frank Helmick,
Retired Lieutenant General, U.S. Army