The beautiful blue oceans surrounding Atlantis have turned a sickly gray-green color, littered with dead sea creatures. The fabled island is at the mercy of an evil empire mining the oceans to power secret doomsday weapons. To make matters worse, the inhabitants of Atlantis have been enslaved and secretly drugged into oblivion. All but a small group, that is, led by a young rebel named Seth.

Dawn of Atlantis by Charles E. Quinn is an enticing blend of fantasy, adventure and romance as it follows the rebels and their efforts to save Atlantis from ruin.

The book begins as Seth clings to fortress walls above a raging sea, trying to break into empire headquarters on a reconnaissance mission. Suddenly, a beautiful young girl appears on the ramparts. What is she doing here? Apparently, the same thing he is.

After a brief conversation on the sea wall, the mysterious girl disappears. Distraught and smitten, Seth doesn’t even know her name or how he’ll find her again. He’s never felt an instant attraction like this before. But once inside the fortress, he discovers she’s already there, that her name is Sara, and there’s a price on both their heads.


The vile emperor Xander has lured the starving masses to his arena with promises of food. Instead, they find torture, death and degradation. Xander enjoys nothing more than public, perverted sex with the youngest, most beautiful virgins. As Seth watches helplessly, Sara sets off a smoke bomb and frees the survivors.

Drawn to each other by more than their need to vanquish Xander, Sara joins Seth’s rebel band, which includes his right-hand man, Aaron, and Eve, once Xander’s favorite sex slave.

They discover that Xander’s weapons are 13 crystal skulls, each with a special power, and each more deadly than the last. As the rebels plot to obtain control of the skulls, their situation becomes more dangerous, but their greatest threat may come from within their own ranks.


The relationship between Seth and Sara deepens, and they discover they are Twin Souls, a mighty flame called forth by Zeus and split in two, with an unconditional love that is the strongest force in the universe.

Quinn explains that the concept of twin souls means that the lovers have met before in a past life and now look out for each other’s benefit and well-being as they battle evil. “I wanted people to read the book and say, ‘That’s what I want in a relationship.’”

With its romantic twist, Dawn of Atlantis takes escape reading to heightened levels of new worlds and old mythologies, but with heroes, and even the gods themselves, all too human. And there’s more to come: Quinn says it’s the first of a series of three books that will take Seth and Sara on new adventures.

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About Charles E. Quinn:

Charles E. Quinn retired from the auto business. Before that, he spent six years in the Marine Corps. He lives in St. George, UT.