Any parent can tell you that children have an uncanny ability to get into mischief. You can put child locks on the cabinets, hide the cookie jar on a high shelf, and set up baby gates throughout the house — kids will always find a way. But what happens when those shenanigans take an otherworldly turn?

When two siblings get into some supernatural trouble, they’ll need help from an unlikely source to get things back to normal. Author Hélène Schweiger tells a story of finding magic in the most unexpected places in her children’s book, The Magic Pond (Gatekeeper Press).

The story begins with twins Danielka and Jirik, who sneak out one night to look at the full moon. When they reach the pond by their house, Jirik takes a moment to look out on the reflection of the moon on the water. A mist creeps over the pond, and in an instant, Jirik is transformed into a frog!

Unsure of how to fix this fantastical dilemma, the twins turn to their mother, but she’s just as stumped as they are. Fortunately, an elf is sent through the magical mist to assist them. Cuo the elf is happy to help them reverse the spell, but they’ll all have to work together if Jirik is to return to his human form.


The Magic Pond takes the reader on an enchanting journey filled with an unforgettable cast of characters. But even with the various magical creatures that we meet throughout, it is the human family that carries the heart of this story. The sibling dynamic between Danielka and Jirik is authentic and breathes life into the entire book. Even as the family works to unravel the spell that’s transformed Jirik, the twins bicker and joke just like any pair of siblings would. It’s clear that as much they annoy each other, Danielka and Jirik share a close bond.

When it comes to imagination, the sky’s the limit to what kids can believe. Danielka and Jirik are no exception, taking every supernatural setback in stride and accepting the magic they witness without any skepticism. Curiosity and openness to new ideas helps Jirik transform back to his human form.

Hélène Schweiger reminds us that for all the trouble that children can get into, it’s a part of their development as they learn to understand the world around them and find inner strengths that will accompany them all their life. Childhood mischief is a necessary part of their childlike wonder, and in the end, their curiosity is a valuable part of what makes children’s imaginations so powerful.

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After many years in corporate life, Hélène Schweiger decided to take the plunge and do what she has always wanted to do – write stories for children. Hélène is French and Danish. She has lived in many countries in Europe. She has two cats who closely monitor when she is available for cuddles and playtime. She loves nature and sees beauty everywhere. Her motto is ‘there is a silver lining to every cloud’. There is no limit to her imagination. She uses storytelling on a daily basis as a perfect way to convey messages to children and adults. Hélène wants to share universal messages to all children in the world, to give them the strength to become the wonderful adults they can be.