Steve Melen

Nonfiction, Memoir

Author, financial advisor, racehorse owner

In his late thirties, Steve Melen thought he had it all — a successful career in finance, a house on the hill, a beautiful newborn daughter, and a zest for life and travel. He was unstoppable … until a diagnosis of Stage IIIB stomach cancer brought it all to a screeching halt. Facing the hard truth that he would live the rest of his life without a stomach, Steve battled his demons and the fact that he only had a 15 percent chance of survival. Killer Graces is not just another cancer tale. It is a revelation, exposing how cancer can shine a spotlight on things that people prefer not to think or talk about. It is a story of both weakness and strength as Steve navigates a world of pain, drugs, alcohol, marital problems, and anxiety, all rooted in his earliest days as a child of adoption. Join Steve on his journey of self-discovery as he shares that it took a life-threatening illness to bring these issues to light so the true healing process could begin.

To learn more about Steve Melen, visit his website. Read BookTrib’s review of Killer Graces here.

Last book read:

The Imperative Habit by Dave Rossi and Sophia of Silicon Valley by Anna Yen

Words to live by:

I’m more afraid of not living than I am dying. Enjoying and staying in the present every day. Don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Articles and Reviews:

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“Wow! Finished your book! I’m going to pass it on to friends! It made me sad, made me cry, made me realize how strong the human body and soul could be! Thx for sharing your story!”
— Reviewer

Just finished, excellent read! It had me on my toes, I laughed, I shed tears, In the addiction department, I can so relate. 865 days sober today. Best thing I ever did was drop the bottle. Alcohol took my dad, destroyed our family, it turned him into the devil. I’m a sucker for recovering dad stories. And yes, I’m a friend of Bill’s. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through, but what a … Miracle you are! Congratulations on your first book, looking forward to more.”
— Reviewer

“I just finished your book. Wow … Admittedly, I’m not a reader but I devoured it in a couple of days. Your perseverance through so many struggles was inspiring! Some LOL moments too. Just as funny as I remembered you. Congrats on a tremendous accomplishment!!!”
— Reviewer