A lost pair of sneakers turns into a valuable lesson for the armadillo characters Feyesper and Norma in Feyesper and the Red Shoes (LifeRich Publishing) by Reynaldo Encina Jopé.

When Norma wins a store gift certificate as a class prize, Feyesper accompanies her to the mall as she picks out a new pair of sneakers. But the two soon find themselves in a pickle when Norma realizes she’s misplaced the bag. Feyesper and Norma search high and low, but will they find the precious shoes? Or will they return home with a lesson instead?

Feyesper and the Red Shoes is the third installment in Jopé’s series of children’s books. These stories, illustrated by Floyd Ryan S. Yamyamin, chronicle the adventures of Feyesper the armadillo and his animal friends as they grow and learn valuable life lessons. The first book in the series, Feyesper and the Rogue Kite, discussed teamwork, while Feyesper and the Wicked Neighbor talked about empathy. Jopé’s newest book discusses a new lesson to help young children grow: charity.

The author works the moral seamlessly into the story, showing children a scenario in which they can feel empathy for those less fortunate than themselves. As it turns out, when Feyesper and Norma discover a struggling family rejoicing in finding the shoes, their charitable spirits kick in. As the characters of Feyesper and the Red Shoes learn to have compassion for others, the reader is able to watch them grow, while learning the lesson themselves.

Jopé also includes a lesson guide in the back of the book. In a section called Autosophics, he lists a series of questions to ask children about their experience reading the book. It’s a great tool to help gauge the children’s understanding of the story and the lessons it imparts and can aid further comprehension.

Along with its great message, Feyesper and the Red Shoes is a wonderful and entertaining book for young readers. Jopé uses clever wordplay and energetic dialogue to create a loveable cast of characters. Yamyamin’s illustrations are full of color and light, and Feyesper and his friends seem ready to jump off the page with excitement. The ensemble is just as exciting, since all the characters are members of the animal kingdom. With a barn owl for a teacher and a snail and a rooster for friends, Feyesper’s life is far from boring!

The author and illustrator make sure to work extra fun into their story by adding elements of the modern world to these animals’ lives. From the fashion to the shops at the mall, Jopé and Yamyamin create an enchanting blend of modern life and storybook imagination.

From its charming creatures to its heartwarming story, Feyesper and the Red Shoes is far more than just an educational read. This story shows children firsthand the effect their compassion can have on someone, shows how charity can be its own reward, and encourages them to help make the world a little kinder.

Feyesper and the Red Shoes is available for purchase. For more information about the Reynaldo Encina Jopé, visit his BookTrib author profile.

About Reynaldo Encina Jopé:

Reynaldo Encina Jopé is a secondary and dual-enrollment mathematics teacher. In 2008, he was named District Secondary Teacher of the Year by McAllen Independent School District in McAllen, Texas, USA. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree from Mindanao State University in General Santos City, Philippines (1990), and a Master of Liberal Arts in Mathematics for Teaching degree from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (2017).