How does a high-profile Silicon Valley tech CEO end up working a Midwest murder case as an FBI special agent? For Will Parker, it’s a long story that starts with a kidnapped college student and a failed business deal. He was young, good looking and on the top of his game as the leader of a major tech firm, but his empire came crashing down when his messaging app’s security standards threatened the life of a young girl. To make matters worse, the bold, world-changing technology he was in the process of purchasing went missing in a nuclear accident on the very same night. Now, Will is shifting careers and using his tech skills to fight for justice, but can he really leave everything from his old life behind?

With Drew Murray’s debut novel, Broken Genius (Oceanview), readers should prepare for an immersive crime mystery with the fast-paced excitement of a well-crafted thriller. This novel delivers more than just the regular intrigue of the genre by drawing the reader into worlds as diverse a Silicon Valley, Comic-Con and the FBI. 

Will is not your average FBI agent. He’s rich and his methods are unorthodox, much to the chagrin of his superiors, but he has the best close rate in his department. With his specialized skills, he’s typically called in for cases with a tech angle. He’s surprised when he’s called to Indiana in the middle of the night for what seems like a murder case at a Comic-Con event. He knows there must be more to it when he arrives to find Agent Thomas Decker, who has been tracking one of the world’s most sophisticated hackers, already there.

Things get a lot more interesting for Will when he discovers that his firm’s missing radioactive technology, known cryptically as the Fukushima Unicorn, might be tied up in the case. That’s not the only thing about this case holding Will’s interest either. While Will and the FBI take point on the missing technology and the international hacker, a smart and attractive local homicide detective named Dana Lopez leads the murder investigation. Through the many twists of the case, Will and Dana find themselves growing closer together as they close in on their suspects. 

Murray’s style of writing manages to be light enough for a relaxing summer read but still deep enough to paint vivid pictures of well-rounded characters. By the end, readers will be asking where Will Parker is going next. Wherever it is, you can be sure it’ll be a thrilling ride.

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Drew Murray is a native of Ontario, Canada. After a corporate career in technology, he has transitioned into education and writing. He’s an avid fan of Comic Cons, escape rooms and board games, which positions him well as the author of Broken Genius, his debut novel. Drew lives with his family in London, Ontario.