If you can imagine it, you can debate it. That’s the premise of The Great Fantasy Debate, a new web series that launched this week on Facebook Watch.

The series seeks answers to the most pressing issues of the day:  Is a degree from Hogwarts worth it? Should people be allowed to own dragons? Which fantasy world would you want to vacation in? What’s the best Game of Thrones house to marry into?

“It’s, of course, a challenge to break through the news cycle these days,” said Pat Stango, the Director of Penguin Random House Consumer Marketing’s Video Team, who served as an Executive Producer on the series. But fantasy fans are hungry for some lighthearted entertainment right now. “Fantasy fans are passionate and have a great sense of humor,” he notes.

To this point, the series brings together fantasy authors from Penguin Random House imprints with likeminded comedians to debate one topic per 10-minute episode. The resulting arguments and counter-arguments (and sometimes interpretive dance) are both hilarious and insightful. “Episodes were scripted, but there was lots of room for improvising while filming was happening,” explains Stango.

At the end of each episode, hosts Abbi Crutchfield and Drea Bolt declare a winner, then ask the audience to weigh in.

Featured fantasy authors include:

Featured comedians include:

Viewers can participate in the debate themselves by joining Penguin Random House’s SciFi & Fantasy group, Unbound Worlds, which will hold watch parties and post bonus material. Fear not, though; non-group members can still watch on the Penguin Random House Facebook page.

A new episode will air every Tuesday night for the next seven weeks. The series is a collaboration between the publisher, Facebook and the production company Supreme Robot Pictures.

“This is our team’s most ambitious project yet, and we’re super excited to share it with everyone,” said Stango.

Watch the first episode, “Should Dragons Be Pets?,” here or check out the series trailer below.