It’s flu season and Santa’s reindeer have come down with noses redder than Rudolph’s. With temperatures all on the rise, the reindeer all have been sidelined for Santa’s Christmas Eve ride.

Now what?

Why flying polar bears, of course!!

In Stanley Wiklinski’s debut children’s book, The Christmas That Almost Never Was (Jabberwocky Books), beautifully illustrated by the renowned fantasy artist Gary A. Lippincott, a horrendous, howling, and devastating blizzard strikes Santaville in the blackness of early morning, so severe that it blows away the doors to the stable, where Santa shelters his reindeer.

Exposed to a raging storm, the reindeer come down with the flu and cannot fly. Santa, years before, came upon a group of young Polar bears who could leap high in the air. He finds them. With the help and encouragement of the villagers of Santaville, and the reindeer, the Polar bears fly, saving Christmas, and Santa keeps his promise to all good children everywhere on Christmas Eve, bringing them the gifts of their dreams.

The author’s inspiration is simple. “I wrote the book to encourage children to dream. To dream is to hope. Nothing ever becomes reality without being first a dream. Bundled within those dreams are love, laughter, imagination and the strength we need to go on in hard times,” says Wiklinski.

This enchanting book is destined to become a great classic for children of all ages and for many more magical holidays to come.  As Henry Winkler (the ‘Fonz’ on TVs “Happy Days”) says of his Yale buddy, ”Stanley Wiklinski has created a beautiful, whimsical, holiday classic that sleigh rides right into your heart.”

The Christmas That Almost Never Was is now available to purchase.

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Stanley E. Wiklinski has an MFA from the Yale University, School of Drama. Following graduation, he acted on Broadway, as well as for regional theater and television. He is also a retired United States Navy Reserve Commander. Stanley lives in New Jersey with Barbara, his wife of 56 years. Together they have four children and five grandsons. Lavishly illustrated by Gary A. Lippincott, “The Christmas That Almost Never Was” was written for children but meant to be enjoyed by their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone who wants to delight in a child’s imagination. Lippincott’s work also appears in “Making Cookies From the Sun,” and “The Bright Yellow Raft.”

Gary A. Lippincott has been going to work on the back of a dragon for many years. This delicate, highly detailed watercolors have graced the covers of books, illustrated stories, hung in galleries, and been purchased by collectors worldwide. He lives in the “wild” of Massachusetts and considers himself extremely fortunate to do what he does for a living. Lippincott’s work also appears in Making Cookies from the Sun and The Bright Yellow Raft.