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DIY MFA: Mother-Daughter Writing Team Gina Cascone and Bryony Williams Sheppard

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In this episode, Gabriela Pereira interviews mother-daughter author team Gina Cascone and Bryony Williams Sheppard. They discuss Around the World Right Now, the picture book multicultural adventure around the world’s 24 time zones. Gina and Bryony take us through the creation of their book sharing with us how to craft a story that is not only entertaining to children but helps them learn, and how writing a picture book is not only one of the most difficult challenges for writers but also one of the most rewarding. For more detailed show notes, visit DIYMFA.com/161. In the timeless picture book Around the World Right Now, Cascone and Sheppard take young readers on a journey across the world to experience the people, places, and…

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