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Layered with Sex, Lies and Glamour, ‘She Regrets Nothing’ is Utterly Captivating

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Rarely do we find a book that boasts of intrigue and mystery that’s as sly as it is sexy and just plain fun; but author Andrea Dunlop is a rare talent. Dunlop’s latest novel, She Regrets Nothing: A Novel is a multi-layered story where the themes of power, sex and glamour make this novel so utterly captivating.

Our protagonist, Laila Lawrence, is made an orphan at age 23, following the death of her mother. Raised in Grosse Point, Michigan, Laila’s quiet, settled life takes a sharp turn with the unexpected arrival of her three wealthy and glamorous cousins from Manhattan for her mother’s funeral. Laila’s cousins are part of the family that her father had once belonged to and become estranged from, years before his own death when Laila was a child.

Meeting her cousins changes something in Laila and two years later, she’s left everything and everyone behind to land straight in the middle of Manhattan. Introduced to the luxury, elegance and power that her family has to offer, Laila knows she’s not about to go back to her quiet life without one hell of a fight.

Being part of this new family brings its own complications – Laila’s arrival sparks the return of a long-dead family scandal (while also starting several new ones), the more that she immerses herself in the life she’s decided is the one she’s owed by birth. With the secret of why her parents left the family coming closer to light every day, Laila’s about to discover the dark side of old wealth and glamour.

Full of betrayal, sex, lies and power, She Regrets Nothing is a beautifully written, sharp and smart novel with a razor’s edge. Part social-critique, part suspense/mystery, and part Gossip Girl, there is nothing more you could think to ask for in this brilliant, witty addition to Dunlop’s resume.

‘She Regrets Nothing’ is now available for purchase. Make sure to check out BookTrib’s interview with the author!



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Andrea Dunlop is the author of Losing the Light, which was named as a Best Book of 2016 by Redbook Magazine, the novella Broken Bay, and the forthcoming novel She Regrets Nothing. She lives with her husband in Edmonds, Washington, where she works as a social media consultant.




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