Happy birthday, Virginia Woolf!

Born in 1882, the English author, critic and essayist would have been 136 today. Over the course of her life, Woolf wrote some of the best and most inspirational feminist texts to ever be written. A Room of One’s Own written in 1929, was perhaps her best known essay; she argued for giving female writers space, both literally and figuratively, and to make their voices heard in a world where men’s writing was and still is the standard.

Woolf’s books remain popular in classrooms, libraries, and on personal bookshelves. Here, in celebration of her life and the movements inspired, we have  previews of her 10 greatest works:

Between the Acts

To the Lighthouse

A Room of One’s Own

Orlando: A Biography

Mrs. Dalloway

Moments of Being

The Waves

The Years

The Voyage Out

Three Guineas


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