The second novel from environmental lawyer Carrie La Seur, The Weight of an Infinite Sky is a stunning story about family, murder, betrayal, and love, drawing in elements of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Set in the unforgiving, open land of Montana, La Seur easily captures the essence of the West in her writing, making each reader feel the soul of the Montana earth around them. Elegant, poignant, and poetic, The Weight of an Infinite Sky is a beautiful addition to La Seur’s works.

Anthony Fry rebelled against the family expectations that, as the only son, he would take over the cattle ranch from his father; a business that had been in the family for generations. Instead, Anthony dreamt of leaving Montana for the city, hoping for the sophistication, culture, excitement of the lifestyle, and a successful career in theater; and after finishing college, Anthony left Billings for New York City.

But, with the unexpected death of his father, Anthony is forced to return home, finding that while the years have changed him, they’ve also changed the home he left behind. His black-sheep of an uncle is getting a little too close to his mother, and a mining company is looking to overtake the Fry land. With an opportunity to finally get away from Montana, and the unforgiving weight of family expectations, Anthony is forced to confront himself, the ghosts of his past, and decide what he really wants, the answer to which will decide his fate, and that of those closest to him.

The Weight of an Infinite Sky is a stunning follow up to La Seur’s The Home Placereleased in 2014. Even if you’ve never been out West, or prefer the city life to anything else, the depth and beauty of the wilderness that La Seur captures is enough to make anyone fall in love with the open land. The story of the Fry family is one full of pain, grief, and love; truly compelling, brutally honest, and a definite must-read.

The Weight of an Infinite Sky: A Novel, will be released on January 16th. 


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Carrie La Seur practices energy and environmental law on behalf of farmers, ranchers, and Native Americans, and is a seventh generation Montanan. In 2016, she helped found This House of Books, a co-op bookstore in downtown Billings, MT. La Seur’s résumé includes a degree in English and French from Bryn Mawr College, a Rhodes Scholarship, a doctorate in modern languages from Oxford University, and a Yale law degree. In 2006, Carrie founded the legal nonprofit Plains Justice, which provides a public interest energy and environmental legal services in the northern plains states. The organization and La Seur played a key role in halting several new coal plants, enacting clean energy reforms, and launching the Keystone XL pipeline campaign.

A licensed private pilot and committed introvert, La Seur hikes, skis, and fished the Montana wilderness with her family in her spare time. Her writing has appeared in Grist, Harvard Law and Policy Review, The Huffington Post, Mother Jones, and Salon.


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