It’s usually pretty easy to holiday shop for an avid reader – just get them books, of course! But this year, why not try something a little outside the box? While we always appreciate a great new read, there are tons of other book-themed presents that we would be more than happy to unwrap this season. Here are 40 clever and eclectic literary-themed gift ideas that are guaranteed to please the most voracious readers in your life:

Library Card Socks

Cute and practical, book lovers will instantly fall for these iconic library card socks.

Tentacle Bookends

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Usually pirate ship attacks happen inside the pages of a book, though clearly not in the case of these clever bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts.

Literary Candles

Smell like your favorite books with candles inspired by great literature. We’re dying to know what Pride and Prejudice’s “Pemberley” smells like.

Banned Books Mug

As soon as heat hits this mug, the blacked-out words disappear, revealing dozens of titles of banned books. Informative and fun!

Book Light

Any reader would want to get their hands on a book that actually lights up. It’s portable too, so you can bring this reading lamp with you anywhere.

Book-Printed Scarf

Image courtesy of Etsy.

The Etsy site Storiarts has tons of different book-printed products, but we especially love this sage-green Anne of Green Gables scarf.

Personal Library Kit

There’s nothing more annoying than loaning out books only to never see them again. With your own personal library kit, you can actually have people check them out, guaranteeing that missing books will be a thing of the past.

“Just One More Chapter” Pillow

Image courtesy of Etsy.

We all know it’s never really “Just One More Chapter.” Still, this pillow is so classy and stylish that we just don’t care.

The Book Seat

We’ve used everything to prop our books up – glasses, phones, rocks – and nothing ever works. The book seat solves all those problems, and even doubles as a travel pillow when you need it.

Book Coasters

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Carved out of wood, these book coasters are classy, practical, and filled with fun drink-related puns.

Bookworm Necklace

Image courtesy of Etsy.

This understated necklace is the perfect gift for any classy readers out there.

Literary Loose Tea

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Nothing goes together quite as well as books & tea, so why not combine the two with some literary-themed teas.

Mr. Darcy Bath Bomb

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Knowing Mr. Darcy, he probably smells great. Now you can too with bath bombs inspired by the iconic literary hero.

Personalized Rings for Readers

Image courtesy of Etsy.

These pretty wrap rings can be customized with any phrase you want – though “Shhh…Reading,” sounds good to us!

Covers for Paperbacks

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Dress up your paperbooks with fun and comfy covers that both product your books and reflect your unique style.

Book Lover Tea Spoon

Remember how we said books and tea belong together? Continue the trend with this engraved book-themed tea spoon.

Literary Tote Bag

A very dark place, indeed. We’re up for any tote bag that professes our love of books, especially when it’s as cute as this one!

Wizard of Oz Tee by Litographs

Image courtesy of Litographs.

We’re basically obsessed with all of Litographs’ products, though this graphic Wizard of Oz tee specifically caught out eye.

 World Literature Map

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Learn about all of the literary places in the world with a map made of book locations!

Gothic Literature Pins

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Give a gift that’s scary and cool! These graphic pins would please any horror lover out there.

Personalized Book Stamp

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Never misplace a book again with these elegant, personalized book stamps.

Composition Notebook Pouch

Your school days never looked so cute! Give the gift of style and function with a composition notebook-inspired pouch.

Shakespearean Insults Chart

It turns out Shakespeare invented a lot of swears. This handy chart is a complete guide on how to insult people Medieval-style.

There, Their, They’re Sweatshirt

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Give the gift of good grammar with a sweatshirt that points out one of the most common (and annoying!) errors.

Paperback Perfume

There’s nothing like that new-book smell, and now you can bring it with you everywhere thanks to Demeter’s unique fragrance, Paperback.

Virginia Woolf Inspired Phone Case

This lovely case captures one of Woolf’s most famous quotes: “I am rooted, but I flow.”

Once Upon a Time Notebook

Write your own fairy tale with an inspirational “Once Upon a Time” notebook.

Harry Potter Throw 

Who wouldn’t want to curl up in the inspiring words of Dumbledore? Thanks to this cozy Harry Potter blanket, now you can.

Louisa May Alcott Print

Image courtesy of Etsy.

We’re always looking for new wall art, and this starry-eyed print (with a quote by Louisa May Alcott!) is right up our alley.

Calligraphy Set

For those who miss the romanticism of writing with an ink and quill, then this antique set is the perfect gift.

Robert Browning Hamilton Bowl

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Etched with words from Browning Hamilton’s famous poem, “I Walked a Mile With Pleasure,” this custom-made bowl is unique and elegant.

Scrabble Earrings

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Most readers love Scrabble, which is why any of us would be happy to receive Scrabble-tile custom earrings!

Zipper Bookmarks

Readers can never have enough bookmarks, and these zipper ones are creative and fun.

Literary Postcards

These postcards are graphic and bold – exactly the kind of cards we’d want to send to our reader friends.

Little House on the Prairie Ornament

If Little House on the Prairie isn’t your thing, you can custom these adorable mini-book ornaments with any of your favorite series!

Literary Paper Dolls

Dress up iconic literary figures from Edgar Allen Poe to Virginia Woolf with this fun paper doll kit that’s suitable for kids or adults.

Wonder Woman Floating Bookshelf

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Wonder Woman always saves the day, even if it means protecting your books! This floating shelf is a clever optical illusion that make any book lover soar with jealousy.

Book Lovers Apron

Profess your love of reading even when you’re cooking with this simple but stylish apron.

Book-Themed Ipad Covers

Original book art comes to life reprinted as ipad covers. A great gift for those who prefer ebooks!

Literary Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are always fun, especially when they’re book themed.


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