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VIDEO: Anna Sabino, Author of ‘Your Creative Career’ Talks About Turning Her Passion into Profit

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“Anna Sabino is an artist, but certainly not a starving one. She wasn’t born into a wealthy family, didn’t inherit money from a distant relative, and doesn’t have a rich husband. But she made it as an entrepreneur, as a single woman, and most importantly, as an artist.” – Amazon Reviews In this interview, artist Anna Sabino talks with BookTrib about how she turned her passion and creativity into a business.  Her book, Your Creative Career: Turn Your Passion into a Fulfilling and Financially Rewarding Lifestyle, is a journey into finding one’s calling and how doing what you love is not only good for the soul, it can also be good for your finances. Sabino shares the lessons she’s learned and provides…

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2017 Literary Gift Guide: 40 of the Best Non-Book Gifts for Book Lovers

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It’s usually pretty easy to holiday shop for an avid reader – just get them books, of course! But this year, why not try something a little outside the box? While we always appreciate a great new read, there are tons of other book-themed presents that we would be more than happy to unwrap this season. Here are 40 clever and eclectic literary-themed gift ideas that are guaranteed to please the most voracious readers in your life: Library Card Socks Cute and practical, book lovers will instantly fall for these iconic library card socks. Tentacle Bookends Usually pirate ship attacks happen inside the pages of a book, though clearly not in the case of these clever bookends by Knob Creek…

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Live Interview with Vicki Lewis Thompson, Author of Midnight Thunder

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The lost cowboy… Thunder Mountain Ranch was the only place cowboy Cade Gallagher had ever called home. But after he and Lexi Simmons broke each other’s hearts, he left it behind, along with his foster family. Since then, Cade has drifted, looking for something—anything—to call home. Until a call from Lexi changes everything…   Cade has been gone too long. His foster mother is hospitalized, and the ranch is in deep financial trouble. Yet even as his world crumbles, Cade’s hunger for Lexi is almost as tangible as the taste of her lips and the way her body fits deliciously against his. It’s bittersweet surrender. But Lexi isn’t the girl she used to be, and she’s determined to have the hot…

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Holy Mother of Dragons — scaly beasts are hot, hot, hot!

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Lately it seems like dragons are everywhere. Whether you’re turning on the television, picking up a book, or heading to the movies, you’re almost guaranteed to see a fire-breathing, scale-wearing, high-flying creature. Not that we’re complaining. Dragons are a staple of the world of fantasy, way more badass than unicorns and certainly more interesting than fairies. We say bring on the dragons! And here are some of the best that have recently caught our eye: How to Train Your Dragon 2 The first movie was a feel-good adventure about a boy named Hiccup and the dragon he befriends. The sequel, out in theaters now, promises to be even better. Hiccup and his friends have come of age, and with maturity…

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