Let’s face it, being a girl is hard. Deciding what to wear and then if that clothing fits your apple or pear body shape is not always enjoyable. Answering the question: do I have too much makeup on or not enough, is typically a rhetorical question, because is there ever really an answer? The list goes on and on. In a world where we are told to “just be ourselves,” there sure seems to be a lot of pressure on us ladies, from the “pretty” Snapchat filter to our Instagram news feeds filled with selfies of contouring celebrities, it’s no wonder where Georgia Clark found her inspiration for her latest witty and sexy novel, The Regulars (Emily Bestler Books, August 2, 2016).


In Clark’s debut in adult fiction, Evie, Krista and Willow, three twenty-something girls, are living out the daily grind of Manhattan and begin to find out being “pretty” is exactly what everyone makes it out to be, but just because you’re a “pretty” girl does not mean you’re flawless or that everything is forgiven. The three friends quickly realize this after sipping from the magical bottle of “pretty.”

The Regulars is one of those novels that just reads with ease; you can picture it in your mind, scene by scene, as if it was actually on the big screen. And speaking of movies, if you are a fan of 13 Going on 30, The Devil Wears Prada and Limitless, with a bit of Lena Dunham’s hilarious show GIRLS mixed in for good measure, then this is the ultimate summer book for you.


There was one thing I just couldn’t get past, however. The idea that a stranger would hand me a purple liquid without a list of ingredients to accompany it, and I would just happily consume the drink is concerning. I mean, come on, haven’t we learned yet from all of Alice’s mistakes? I personally wouldn’t drink it, but I’m going along for the ride anyway. Because, Fiction.


I won’t give anything away, but the ending I thought to be a tad bit cliché for where the story was headed. You know that typical line we’ve all heard from the moment we first step into middle school, “Beauty is only skin deep.” Well, I think you see where I’m going with that. But, honestly, while it may be a bit cliché, I prefer the message Clark is sending over the message that says you’ll never quite be good-looking enough to join Taylor Swift’s model-inspired girl squad (we can dream though).

Yosub Kim, Giphy.com

If you’re looking for a page-turning socialite read, filled with friendship and glamour, while lounging by a pool, The Regulars is the ideal summer book, and we promise: no makeup required.