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Talking Georgia Clark’s ‘The Regulars’: What’s So Bad about Being…Regular?

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Let’s face it, being a girl is hard. Deciding what to wear and then if that clothing fits your apple or pear body shape is not always enjoyable. Answering the question: do I have too much makeup on or not enough, is typically a rhetorical question, because is there ever really an answer? The list goes on and on. In a world where we are told to “just be ourselves,” there sure seems to be a lot of pressure on us ladies, from the “pretty” Snapchat filter to our Instagram news feeds filled with selfies of contouring celebrities, it’s no wonder where Georgia Clark found her inspiration for her latest witty and sexy novel, The Regulars (Emily Bestler Books, August 2, 2016). In Clark’s debut in adult fiction, Evie,…

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