Alert the media! Marvel’s Daredevil is upon us, and it’s bringing a few familiar faces to the comic book lovers of the world. Who’s interested in seeing what Daredevil himself Matt Murdock and idealistic best bro Foggy Nelson are up to when we return for the second season of the Netflix original series? I know I can’t wait to revisit Hell’s Kitchen and Karen Page (how could we forget about Karen Page!?) and the intrigue it has to offer our favorite Marvel gang. Season 2 will hit the Internet on March 18, so we expect you’ll be coming up with an epic excuse to skip work and jump into binge-watching mode.

So, will Season 2 deliver a superb second installment? That remains to be seen, but until then here are five things we want to see:

Matt’s Next Move


I’m craving direction in our hero’s life. I anticipate that our appetite for purpose and evolution will be curbed in Season 2, but you can’t blame me for adding it to my list. There’s not too much to say on this topic, other than: try not to get it twisted. We all know this has always been Daredevil’s story, and if you’re coming into Season 2 thinking that it’s going to be all Elektra, all Punisher, all the time during your binging session, then you’re going to be thoroughly disappointed.

Block Party?


We’d love to get a peek at the neighbors. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Trish Walker don’t have to co-star, but they’re in the neighborhood. C’mon, would crossing paths at the ATM be so awful? Sure, this might be a stretch… but in the world of Marvel—anything can happen.

Is Love on the Horizon for our Superhero?


Can we talk for a moment about that Greek girl in Matt’s Spanish class? You know, the one with the sais (aka forky, sword-like weapons). Things are about to get v-e-r-y interesting in the romantic department. Speaking of romance, what will happen to Karen Page? Everyone’s sweetheart had a pretty dark time of it last season and if the show follows the Frank Miller comics, her fate is about to get much, much darker. Or is it?



Now that we’ve brought up that Greek girl, let’s try to block out the fact that Elektra was a fail of a movie, despite how much we love Jennifer Garner in practically anything else. The reintroduction of Elektra into the Daredevil universe was inevitable. Having this prominent character in Matt’s life as we continue to explore the challenges he faces is something we’re hardcore looking forward to. There are other vigilantes on the job and wouldn’t it benefit the city if there were more than one working together in perfect superhero harmony?

The Punisher


Frank Castle, aka the Punisher. Need I say more? Well, yeah, I probably should! For comic book lovers this character is a reintroduction, but for newbies he’s brand spanking new to their Daredevil universe. So, we’re going to need the back story of Castle as he becomes the Punisher. At the 2015 New York Comic Con, Marvel Executive Vice President Jeph Loeb hinted that Castle would play a prominent role in Season 2. We’re pretty keen on the introduction of this character and Jon Bernthal’s return to my screen (RIP The Walking Dead‘s Shane). Plus, seeing how these new elements in Daredevil’s life will aid in his vigilante ways is pretty high on the list.

Bonus Wants:

  • A travel brochure from K’un L’un. With all the members of The Hand running around, could we get a sneak peek at something related to Iron Fist?
  • More of Claire Temple. Hell’s Kitchen’s favorite nurse and a badass in her own right.