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‘The Can Opener’s Daughter’ is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Read

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can opener's daughter review

It’s the most inventive graphic novel since Watchmen. Rob Davis’ The Can Opener’s Daughter disorients and intrigues, rolling itself into a pent-up coming of age thriller set in a dystopian landscape you’d find in a teenage schizophrenic’s fever dream. Let me clarify, I’m not saying this graphic novel is as good as Alan Moore’s superhero magnum opus. What I am saying is that there are few artists that have singlehandedly changed the game. Watchmen invoked that comic book heroes could have a deeply literary element. Rob Davis shows graphic novels can delve into a surrealistically absurd stratosphere that even sounds ridiculous for a comic book. His work has the potential to turn the genre on its head. Here’s the premise, the…

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