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#BestSisterEver: 20 Reasons Why Sisters are the Best Thing Since the Internet

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The Bush twins’ new book, Sisters First, was released today.  That got me to thinking: I have two sisters; my mother has two sisters; and my grandmother has a sister. We are a family of sisters an it’s really the best thing I could think to be— a sister! Today’s #TuesdayThoughts are about sisters. Sisters are your first friends, your most honest critics and when you can’t find the right thing in your closet to wear, always seem to have just what you need. Here’s 20 reasons why sisters are the best thing since the internet: You can fight with them one day; the next you’re back to being the best of friends. They are the only people who know…

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Kristan Higgins Picks Five Fictitious Sister Duos That are BFF Goals!

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content, including this article about Kristan Higgins! Kristan Higgins’ new novel released January 31, 2017 and Bookish caught up with the popular author to discuss sisters and her top five picks for the best sisters in books. Read on for more! There’s something indescribably special about the bond between sisters. Having a sister means having a built-in best friend, a second closet to steal (ahem, borrow) clothes from, and someone in your corner who will love and stand up for you. Author Kristan Higgins explores the sisterly bond in her new novel On Second Thought. Here, in honor of her book’s release, she shares her five favorite sister duos in fiction.…

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