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Tall Poppy Review: “The Tiger in the House” and Kidnap

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The Tiger in the House

The Tiger in the House (Kensington Publishing) by Jacqueline Sheehan introduces Delia Lamont, who is wrapping up the last month of work at Portland, Maine’s child services agency. She’s ready to open a seaside bakery with her younger sister and start a quieter life. But first, she has one last case to deal with – a five-year-old girl was found wandering along the side of the road, partially dressed and covered in blood. Every clue leading to her family takes Delia deeper into a shadowy web of danger that includes murder, heroin trafficking, and kidnapping. Jacqueline Sheehan has crafted a story that mixes family drama with a healthy dose of suspense and takes the reader on an emotional journey they won’t…

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The True Story Behind “Black Diamond Fall”

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Black Diamond Fall

To write a successful novel, I have to dip my pen into autobiography; and if I don’t, I lose my way. This makes it difficult when I am writing fiction about a crime. It means weaving a tight narrative comprised of an act of violence and the mystery surrounding that act of violence with something substantial that I’ve lived through. I was lucky in my previous novel, Cloudland (Polis Books), which was based on the unsolved serial murders of seven women in a place called “the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire.” A very close friend of mine, who was like a mother figure to me, found the last of the victims: a woman in a pink parka whose body…

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Murder, He Wrote: The Night Of-Inspired Summer Reading

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Based solely on the first episode, the new HBO limited series, The Night Of, seems to be equal parts True Detective and NPR’s Serial in the best ways possible. The story follows a young man, Nasir Khan (who goes by Naz) who gets swept into a horrible crime after a night of misguided frivolity with a mysterious, beautiful woman. Naz, a college student, picks her up in his father’s cab on his way to the popular kids’ college party, and has a dreamlike night of sex, drugs and odd drunken knife games before waking up to a nightmare: the woman’s body has been stabbed to death in bed next to him. Naz, who clearly doesn’t watch a lot of Law & Order, flees…

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