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Brand Yourself Like a Kardashian!: A BookTrib Q&A with Branding Strategist Rina Plapler

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The Kardashian family has made a fortune branding themselves through social media.  Regardless of how you feel about this family, their self-promotion techniques have been so effective that the name “Kardashian” is synonymous with a number of products, most recently Calvin Klein, but if anyone were to ask what exactly they are famous for— before having a successful reality show— most would draw a blank. Essentially, the Kardashains have become “famous for being famous” in such a way that the name speaks for itself; to be blunt, there is no brand associated with the Kardashains— they are the brand. It’s not just speculation, either.  Look around, there’s a host of information on the Kardashians as a brand written everywhere from…

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